Top Budget Fixes for Small Business Devices You Use on the Daily

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Different kinds of technology and devices are needed when it comes to running a small business. Yet, encountering system troubles and problems with them are quite inevitable.

Common devices that entrepreneurs use for operating their businesses are laptops, computers, and phones to name just a few. Apple products are particularly in demand such as Macs and iPhones although computer issues are pretty common too.

Below are just some of the most commonly encountered tech mishaps most business owners face.

Importance of Keeping Your Devices in Tip Top Shape

The devices and equipment business owners use in their operations are often expensive. That’s why it only makes sense to keep them in good running order as much as you can. And although tech mishaps are unavailable, there are ways to prevent them and to fix them should they happen.

Slow Loading Hard Drive 

Hard drive issues on your computer or laptop are pretty common occurrences especially if you’re storing a lot of data as part of operating your business. Overtime, this can make your laptop slow and sluggish as your business data eats up space.

To keep this from happening, cleaning out old files regularly is a must. If you’re more tech- savvy, try defragmenting your disk drive as well if cleaning your hard drive doesn’t do the trick. 

Run a check disk scan as well to make sure that there are no other underlying problems in your hard drive. Look for any visible signs of damage on the case or the drive itself. Check the cables too and replace if necessary!

LCD Problem

LCD issues can happen on your computer, laptop, or iPad and it’s such a pain whenever this happens. When it comes to iPhone, common tendencies include an iPhone black screen or the dreaded iPhone white screen which means that your phone is stuck in recovery mode. 

So why does your device turn white or black? Actually, malfunctions like this occur due to a number of reasons, but the most common are update failure, low battery, hardware glitch, and jailbreaking.

Failure in software updates can also cause your device’s screen to hang or crash, and show nothing but plain white or black blank. To resolve this on any device, try doing a hard reset on by doing the following:

  1. Hold the power and the home button at the same time.
  2. Don’t let go and wait until your screen turns black and the logo shows.
  3. After turning off, re-open after about 30 seconds to an hour.

If all else fails, the Dr. Fone iOS System Repair might also be of help. A trusted solution for iPhones without the worry of any data loss.

 Not only are they safe, easy, and reliable, but they’re surely up-to-date too — very compatible with the latest iPhone versions!

you might need to perform the DFU or Device Firmware Upgrade. It’s considered as a last resort because it deals with fatal or major system errors caused by the malfunctioning of the device.

DFU can be quite risky too because if your device had any physical or liquid damage, continuing with the process might cause further malfunction.

Virus-Stricken Laptop or Computer

Sometimes, in the process of daily business communication, you might chance upon a wayward file or download that contains a virus. In the event that you’ve downloaded said file and it has infected your laptop or computer, there are a couple of things you can do.

The first step is to install a virus scanner. Once installed, run it so it can scan and confirm if your device has indeed contracted a virus.

Next thing to do is to reboot it in safe mode and delete all your temporary files. Run a virus scan again and check to see if you’re able to get rid of the virus. In case it doesn’t, have a professional technician look at it.

But before that happens, here’s how to make sure your network remains secure.

Low-Cost Ways of Fixing Your Gadgets

Running a small business especially in this pandemic requires business owners to be creative especially when it comes to maintaining their operations.

Fixing device problems is part of that. Often seen as expensive, there are economical ways to go about it. If the above steps don’t solve the problem then that’s the only time you should consider having your devices repaired.

Additional Steps to Remember

If you’ve already tried all the recommended solutions provided here and it still doesn’t work, then I suggest you make use of other guides and repair hacks available on reputable resources. Resolving the problem might be beyond your capabilities and the problem might actually be more severe than you think.

A good amount of the tips available out there are safe, easy, and reliable if you know where to look. Just make sure that the info is up-to-date and compatible with your device.

Wrapping Up

The above are just basic tech repair knowledge but can be pretty handy if you’re in a pinch. Hopefully, the info shared in this article can be of help should you find yourself in such situations.