Top 20 Countries With The Most Ultra-Wealthy Individuals

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New data from the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report shows that there was an “explosion of wealth” last year.

The global population of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) grew by 46,000 to a record of 218,200. The report notes that UHNWIs benefited from a surge in the value of financial assets last year.

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These increases are more than double the increases recorded in any other year this century. – Global Wealth Report 2022

The majority of ultra-wealthy individuals already reside in the United States, but 2021 saw a staggering increase of 30,470 people bring added to this exclusive ultra-wealthy category in the country.

Country/region Net Worth of $50–$100M Net Worth of $100M–$500M Net Worth of $500M+
United States 103,669 35,740 1,726
China 20,013 11,411 1,282
Germany 6,052 3,354 318
Canada 3,472 1,912 123
India 3,024 1,750 210
Japan 3,373 1,411 88
France 3,237 1,314 85
Australia 2,947 1,576 109
United Kingdom 2,787 1,278 110
Italy 2,574 1,253 103

China and India will likely see their ultra-wealthy populations increase dramatically, but still have a long way to go before catching up to the United States.

The biggest increases, aside from the U.S., were China (5,200), Germany (1,750), Canada (1,610), and Australia (1,350).

Decreases in UHNWI populations were more rare, but did occur in a few cases. United Kingdom (-1,130), Turkey (-330), and Hong Kong SAR (-130) saw the biggest drops.

Ultra-Wealthy Individuals

Article by Nick Routley, Visual Capitalist