These Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Every State

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  • Sales Managers in New Jersey get paid the most out of the 50 states measured
  • Nurse Anaesthetists in Vermont and Family Medicine Physicians in Montana are the lowest paid out of all the states
  • Jobs in the healthcare industry are eleven states’ top paid jobs, making it one of the best industries in the list

New research has compiled the highest paid job in every US state.

The analysis, by insurance broker studied data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the occupations in each state with the highest median annual salary.

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It found that in 11 of the 50 states the highest paid jobs is in the healthcare industry, most notably Florida with medical and health services managers getting paid a median of $207,960 a year. Family medicine physicians in West Virginia also take home $207,860 a year and podiatrists in Nebraska take home $207,770 annually.

Highest Paying Jobs

The Highest Paying Jobs In Every State

General and operations managers were the highest paid occupations in 12 states. The position in the insurance industry is the highest paid in New York, as well as Michigan where managers in the Air Transportation sector take home $207,890 a year roughly. General managers in the petroleum and coal sector also receive the highest median wages in Louisiana, taking home around $207,900 a year.

In four states, sales managers are the highest paid jobs. The data showed that sales manager in the Chemical Manufacturing industry is the highest paid job in New Jersey, taking home roughly $207,970 a year. In Maryland, sales managers in Architecture and Engineering also took home $207,940 and in Indiana sales managers in the Health Insurance industry received a salary of $207,420 annually. New Hampshire saw sales managers in computer systems design take home a median of $202,410 a year.

Job title Number of states where highest paid
General and Operations Managers 12
Sales Managers 4
Chief Executives 4
Marketing Managers 3
Computer and Information Systems Managers 3
Family Medicine Physicians 2
Architectural and Engineering Managers 2
Managers, All Other 2
Nurse Anesthetists 2
Dentists, All Other Specialists 2

Chief executives were found to be paid highest in four states. This included Illinois, where chief executives in the elementary and secondary school industry were paid $207,600 a year. In Oklahoma, chief executives in machinery manufacturing took home roughly $206,840 a year and in Mississippi chief executives in ambulatory health care services are the highest paid with an annual salary of $205,770. Iowa also had good wages for chief executives in construction, who take home $203,710 a year.

Marketing managers in the scientific research sector took home $207,940 a year in Washington, and in California marketing managers in the data processing sector were the highest paid in the state. Oregon's highest paid job is marketing manager in the wholesales industry with a $206,960 yearly salary.

In Delaware, Rhode Island, and Kansas, computer and information systems managers had the highest paid jobs.

When looking at all 50 states, Vermont, Montana, and New Hampshire had the lowest-paid top occupations on the list. Nurse anaesthetists in Vermont took home $195,610 a year, family medicine physicians in Montana took home $196,080 and sales managers in computer systems design took home roughly $202,410 in New Hampshire.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from PolicyAdvisor said: “It’s interesting to see the variety of job titles as well as industries that feature in the list, ranging all the way from dentists to pilots. It demonstrates that there are lucrative career paths in many different fields, and it’s not just areas such as finance and tech where people can earn good money.”

The study was conducted by PolicyAdvisor, a digital-first life insurance broker, using technology to make insurance simple, quick, and online.

State Sector Job Title Median Annual Salary
Alabama Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation Architectural and Engineering Managers $206,380
Alaska Oil and Gas Extraction Managers, All Other $206,590
Arizona Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation) Dentists, All Other Specialists $207,540
Arkansas Paper Manufacturing General and Operations Managers $207,500
California Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services Marketing Managers $207,940
Colorado Software Publishers General and Operations Managers $207,600
Connecticut Air Transportation Commercial Pilots $207,820
Delaware Other Non-depository Credit Intermediation Computer and Information Systems Managers $207,870
Florida Insurance Carriers and Related Activities Medical and Health Services Managers $207,960
Georgia Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Facilities Managers $207,960
Hawaii Automobile Dealers General and Operations Managers $206,000
Idaho Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Emergency Management Directors $203,640
Illinois Elementary and Secondary Schools Chief Executives $207,600

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