The Party Of Insurrection And White Supremacy

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Just over 160 years ago the Democratic Party, then based in the South, proudly became the party of insurrection. It was very strongly opposed by the recently formed Republican Party that had strongholds in the North and Midwest.

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Reversed Political Roles

Over just the last few decades, the parties have not only traded bases, but they have also reversed political roles. Today, it is the Republican party that strongly supports insurrection, while the Democratic Party strongly defends our democratic form of government.

In a litmus test conducted by Congress just last month, House and Senate Democrats voted unanimously to form an independent panel to investigate the causes of the January 6th insurrection that overran our nation’s Capitol, and disrupted the presidential electoral vote count.

But support of the insurrection is just half of our story. Let’s turn now to America’s proud 500-year history of white supremacy. We have always had a nationwide caste system with the white Brahmans occupying the penthouse and the Black “untouchables” permanently warehoused in the subbasement.

In the South, this system lasted two and a half centuries as slavery, and another century as Jim Crow, which was enforced by a feudalistic code of conduct. From the close of the Civil War through the 1960s, the rest of the country also maintained a somewhat less strict feudal system based on race as well as gender, religion, and ethnic group. Since then, despite the ameliorative effects of national civil rights legislation, most Blacks and Hispanics remain second-class American citizens.

Maintaining White Supremacy In Republican Controlled States

Today, to maintain white supremacy in Republican controlled states, members of the legislatures of Texas, Georgia, Florida, and several other states are very busy passing measures to suppress the votes of Blacks, Hispanics, and other nonwhite minorities. In addition, they are even trying to enact laws designed to overturn the elections of candidates who the Republican lawmakers just don’t like. In all cases, the rationale for these laws is to eradicate virtually nonexistent voter fraud.

To round out the Republican agenda, the party’s elected officials have followed the lead of ex-president Donald Trump in drastically curbing immigration, except from overwhelmingly white countries such as Norway – apparently Trump’s favorite country. As some uncharitable critics have observed, the true platform of the legions of Trump supporters is actually, “Make America White Again.”

In sum, during the last six decades, the Democrats and Republicans have swapped roles. Today, the Republican party proudly stands tall as the party of insurrection and white supremacy.