The Gaming Stocks That Have Soared In Price In The Past Year

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Below is a commentary from’s personal finance expert, Salman Haqqi, on how to invest in gaming stocks.

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The Gaming Stocks That Have Soared In Price In The Past Year

When the pandemic hit, many of us turned to video games to help pass the time and keep us entertained. Consequently, the gaming industry went from strength to strength, after a sharp rise in sales of video games and consoles. The Nintendo Switch, arguably the console of the pandemic after their breakout hit ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’, saw operating profits skyrocket by 82%, declaring 2020 a record year for the company. Meanwhile, a PS5 was near impossible to get your hands on after its release in November 2020, at the height of the winter COVID wave.

With a new generation of consoles, e-sports and virtual reality gaming in development - investing in the video game industry has never been more exciting.

These are the top 19 gaming stocks that have seen a surge in stock price over the past 12 months

Rank Ticker Company Name Stock Price (current) Stock Price 

(12 months ago)

% change
1 NASDAQ:AVID Avid Technology, Inc. 25.72 7.45 245.23%
2 NASDAQ:NCTY The9 Limited 15.89 5.25 202.67%
3 NASDAQ:SLGG Super League Gaming, Inc. 4.13 1.76 134.66%
4 NASDAQ:GMBL Esports Entertainment Group Inc 8.79 3.87 127.13%
5 NASDAQ:CRSR Corsair Gaming Inc 28.66 14.25 101.12%
6 NASDAQ:BILI Bilibili Inc - ADR 85.95 44.39 93.62%
7 NASDAQ:NGMS Neogames SARL 41.71 21.59 93.19%
8 NASDAQ:NVDA NVIDIA Corporation 228.43 119.13 91.75%
9 NASDAQ:HEAR Turtle Beach Corp 28.52 16.99 67.86%
10 NASDAQ:MSFT Microsoft Corporation 301.14 202.66 48.59%
11 NASDAQ:SCPL SciPlay Corp 18 12.34 45.87%
12 NASDAQ:AESE Allied Esports Entertainment Inc 2 1.43 39.86%
13 NASDAQ:AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 109.92 78.69 39.69%
14 OTCMKTS:CCOEF CAPCOM CO., LTD. 30.44 24 26.83%
15 NASDAQ:EA Electronic Arts Inc. 146.6 124.3 17.94%
16 NYSE:RBLX Roblox Corp 82.87 72.15 14.86%
17 NASDAQ:AMZN, Inc. 3478.05 3149.84 10.42%
18 NASDAQ:ATVI Activision Blizzard, Inc. 81.18 76.18 6.56%
19 NASDAQ:ZNGA Zynga Inc 8.8 8.32 5.77%

Activities To Watch Out For In The Gaming Market

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at has commented one some of the activities to watch out for in the gaming market at the moment.

During the pandemic, we saw many gaming companies make huge profits after a surge in demand for video games. Nintendo was a prime example of this.

“While existing names like EA and Capcom are seeing renewed and steady growth, it’s the up and comers and disruptors in the industry that may make a big change in the industry over the next year or so. UFL, a new free-for-all online football simulation, is hoping to rival the existing mammoths such as Fifa (EA) and PES. Produced by Strikerz Inc., it’s an indication of the disruption that faces the gaming industry in the near future. Esports brands such as Esports Entertainment Group continue to see rises in their stock price compared with September 2020.

“However, as with every investment - putting money into gaming stock comes with it’s risks. Despite analysts and experts opinions, events such as the recent controversy with Activision Blizzard show that no stock is foolproof, and with every investment comes risk.

“Additionally, flagship brands such as NVIDIA are seeing renewed confidence from investors, regaining the title of the world’s most valuable semiconductor company.”

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Methodology: The top 25 gaming stocks prices were figures collated from 8 September 2020 to 7 September 2021, through Yahoo & Google Finance.

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