The Business Of Exploring The Outdoors

The Business Of Exploring The Outdoors

Taking time off is not generally a strength of the average American. We work hard and we work a lot. In fact, even though it’s pretty standard for employers to offer 10 paid vacation days per year (a very small amount compared to some countries), less than half of us actually take those vacation days.

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In fact, in an 80-year lifespan, Americans will spend 13.2 years working and only 328 days socializing, on average. This is one of the leading factors in the US being a population of stressed out individuals, ranking among the top depressed countries in the world, according to the WHO.

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Comparing the US to Finland, in which employers offer 30 paid vacation days per year on average, shows a sharp contrast in national morale. While the US is depressed, Finland has ranked as the happiest country 4 years in a row. Obviously, vacation days are not the only factor, but they do make a significant impact on our overall well-being.

Some of the reasons why Americans are not taking advantage of their vacation days are a workload that feels insurmountable, having pets to consider, stressing over safety and security, stressing over the actual planning of a vacation, and considering the cost of vacationing. However, the number one reason why Americans aren’t going on vacation is the fear of being replaceable at work.

It’s an interesting dichotomy for Americans to experience as the studies point to the fact that taking the time for de-stressing and engaging in self-care actually improves productivity. On the other hand, staying overly busy, overly stressed, and overly tired decreases productivity, making us less valuable in our careers.

Ultimately, it’s clear that taking those vacation days brings rejuvenation and added value back into our daily routines.

Planning An Outdoor Vacation

As Americans are considering the other preventive factors against vacationing, there is an obvious solution which many tend to overlook. The answer to bringing pets along, reducing risks of contracting illness, ease of planning, and staying budget friendly is to plan an outdoor vacation.

Getting outside is certainly beneficial to our overall health. It clears our minds, helps us to disconnect, gets us to engage in various physical activities while creating memories with friends and family, and it can be extremely economical. In fact, taking a camping vacation can cost next to nothing.

Although the US is full of urban settings, it’s still a massive country with lots of nature left to explore. With around 14,000 privately owned campgrounds and RV parks, planning an outdoor vacation is still one of the easiest and accessible options around.


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