Tag Heuer Copies Apple Watch Features

Tag Heuer Copies Apple Watch Features

Tag Heuer announced the launching of its Carrera Connected smartwatch, which costs $1,500 (£994). The device will be available in the United States today, November 9 and later this week in Europe.

Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of Tag Heuer said the Carrera Connected smartwatch has “almost the same features” as the Apple Watch.

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Tag Heuer partnered with Google and Intel

Tag Heuer Carrera Connected smartwatch is powered by Google’sAndroid Wear operating system and Intel’s processor.

David Singleton, director of engineering at Google’s Android Wear previously stated that they are working with Tag Heuer and Intel to “bring a unique blend of emotion and innovation to the luxury market.”Singleton said, “Together, and using the Android Wear platform, we can imagine a better, beautiful, smarter watch.”

The companies developed the device in jist 12 months. The development for a traditional watch normally takes three years, according to Biver.

According to him, the Carrera Connected is made from solid titanium grade 2. Consumers have the option to customize the Swiss luxury smartwatch with six different bracelet colors. They can also pick from a variety of faces and complications.

Tag Heuer is not competing with Apple

Tag Heuer said it was not interested in selling millions of units of Carrera Connected smartwatch. According to Biver, the device will remain as an “exclusive, luxury” product. He previously pointed out, “Luxury always has something timeless— it’s rare and conveys prestige.”

The Swiss watch manufacturer will be selling 1,000 units of Carrera Connected after the launching in New York. The smartwatch will be available in 20 stores across the United States.

Biver emphasized that Tag Heuer is not competing with Apple. He said, “We are not Apple. We are a watch brand. I forbid my colleagues from saying, Apple is our competitor.”

During an interview with German media Die Welt in September, last year, Biver commented that the Apple Watch would not stand the test of time because the design was too feminine.

According to Biver, the Apple Watch has “no sex appeal”. It’s too feminine and looks too much like the smartwatches already available in the market.”

He added that the tech giant made “some fundamental mistakes” in designing the Apple Watch. To be totally honest, it looks like it was designed by a student in their first trimester,” said Biver.

In January this year, Biver changed his view on the Apple Watch and described it as a “fantastic product, an incredible achievement.”

Source: 9to5Mac

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