The March To World War III

The March To World War III
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The March To World War III by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money

The Next Crash is coming. Equity markets (especially U.S. markets) have been pumped up to bubble levels. Bond markets (especially the U.S. bond market) have been pumped up to absurd, bubble levels – and it isn’t even supposed to be possible to have a stock bubble and a bond bubble simultaneously. It is yet another symptom of the hyperinflationary insanity and monetary criminality of the grossly excessive currency-creation by Western central banks.

World War III

Equally, real estate markets across the entire Western world are at near all-time bubble highs. There is no more profit to be made by the banking crime syndicate continuing to inflate the bubbles to more absurd proportions, or simply maintaining valuations at present levels. A reset is required, so that the One Bank can then begin its next bubble-and-crash cycle.

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Because of this reality, readers were previously presented with the pattern we have seen with the last, two bubble-and-crash cycles. They were approximately 8 years long, and the “crash” was triggered near the end of the U.S. political cycle: in the late stages of an incumbent regime, responsible for nearly the entire length of the cycle. The outgoing regime was fingered as the scapegoat for the crash, so that the Big Banks and central banks did not attract such criticism to themselves, while the incoming regime was hailed as a White Knight, riding to the rescue.

The crime syndicate itself must always appear blameless in these bubble-and-crash cycles, or it would be subjected to much greater scrutiny in future business cycles. Indeed, the entire concept of a “business cycle” is more propaganda fantasy from the Corporate media (and its banker overlords). There is nothing at all normal about our economies racing along in a permanent economic roller-coaster ride, surging to a peak one year, plunging to a trough in a subsequent year.

When our economies had honest money, when the gold standard prevented the excessive creation of banker currency, and prevented excessive indebtedness by our governments, we did not have regular economic peaks and valleys. Nations could go decades between any serious downturn in the economy, while economic growth was at a low, but stable/sustainable rate.

When crashes did occur, they were invariably the creation of the Big Banks themselves (and their oligarch masters). The Big Banks would, simultaneously, cut off all new credit, while calling in as many loans as possible, in order to create a sharp contraction in the amount of capital available to fuel these capitalist economies. Deprive a capitalist economy of capital, and you create a recession, or (if taken to a great enough extreme) a depression.

So-called “business cycles” are nothing but crime cycles, the bubble-and-crash crimes of the One Bank. Yet it has now (deliberately) refused to detonate these bubbles in line with its recent pattern. It has now passed any convenient window for an economic-based detonation of our markets/economies.

With the U.S. election now weeks away, any economic and market crash would attract blame to both the incoming and outgoing regime. If a Republican was elected, it would further tarnish the image of both parties in the eyes of the Zombie Electorate. If a Democrat was elected, it would attract extreme anger among the electorate toward the Democrats, as they would represent both the incoming and outgoing government – 100% responsible for any economic-based crash. Both of those scenarios lead to the worst nightmare of the banking crime syndicate: the possible rise of an independent and popular Third Party in the U.S. political landscape.

It now appears apparent that the trigger for the Next Crash will not be economic in nature and, instead, we move to the next most-likely scenario: a geopolitical trigger for this economic reset. There are two reasons for drawing this conclusion. First of all, as was apparent in the most-recent U.S. political debate, the Corporate media has now openly sided with Hillary Clinton.

Some of Donald Trump’s past reprehensible behavior was trotted out, and transformed (via media hype) into a scandal. Simultaneously, the crimes which Hillary Clinton is known to have committed in her dubious political career are being downplayed. The moderator in the latest pseudo-debate was openly and obviously confrontational toward Trump, beyond any pretense of neutrality .

In this contest between a boorish, bigoted oaf like Trump, and a power-hungry, law-breaking schemer like Clinton, there is no lesser of evils . The only voting option which should not be totally repugnant to voters is to cast their vote for some Third Party choice, or simply to abstain. Imagine if the oligarchs staged one of their crooked elections, and no one showed up!

Instead, barring some unpredictable reversing of the political pendulum, the oligarchs have made their choice: Queen Hillary. And this takes us back to the Next Crash, and the second reason why the One Bank will apparently choose a geopolitical trigger. How do the banksters prevent a three-term Democrat government from becoming totally despised by U.S. voters (even more than the Republicans)?

Though the oligarchs control both parties, it is crucial to them that both parties remain in existence as credible choices, so that the United States can still pretend to be “a democracy”. This Next Crash must and will be a more economically devastating event than any previous downturn in our lifetime, because our economies have already been hollowed-out to the verge of implosion.

Being the political scapegoat for such an event would completely destroy the Democrat party, or at least banish it from power for decades. With then only one choice, voters would soon become equally disgusted with the Republicans, as they would become 100% responsible for all future economic deterioration.

For these reasons, it is important that Queen Clinton and the rest of her regime have an external Boogeyman who can/will be blamed as the source of the Next Crash. While it is still possible that this triggering event could be another “terrorist” false-flag event of great magnitude, one has to doubt that the oligarchs would have the audacity to attempt to perpetrate a second “9/11”.

World War III – Enter Russia. For three years; the U.S. government and Corporate media have engaged in a relentless campaign of demonizing Russia, all at the request of the banker overlords. Read the idiotic drivel churned out by the propaganda machine, and one would believe that Russia was/is at the root of almost all global evils. The perverse irony is, of course, that it is the One Bank itself which is at the root of almost all global evils.

The anti-Russia propaganda is only exceeded in its quantity by its absurdity. The various facets of this anti-Russia propaganda have been documented (and dismissed) in an equally relentless manner by the superb insights of Paul Craig Roberts, most recently a week ago . These political attacks against Russia came immediately after the U.S. government (and the bankers themselves) engaged in an all-out effort to attempt to destroy Russia’s economy .

They failed, so Plan B appears to be to make Russia the scapegoat for World War III, as the official cause of the Next Crash. Of course starting a war isn’t being planned by the banksters solely to provide political cover for their Democrat and/or Republican lackeys. War is also very good for business, and a world war is even better for business. That’s why they have staged two world wars, in a span of just over a century.

World War III – Current sabre-rattling by the psychopathic Neo-cons is more extreme than anything seen in our lifetime, even more extreme than the fraudulent demonizing of Iraq, which led to the U.S.’s fraudulent invasion of Iraq. The latest nonsense is accusations of cyber-terrorism against Russia.

  1. It’s impossible to ever prove that a cyber-attack against the U.S. government actually took place, thus equally, it is impossible for any accusation target to prove that it wasn’t responsible (for an “attack” which probably never even took place).
  2. The world’s only cyber-terrorists are the Thugs of the U.S. government.

Over the last three years; the U.S. government and the pathetic parrots of the mainstream media have accused Russia of any and every transgression possible, save for (perhaps) kicking puppies or molesting children. One must strongly suspect that all these lies and innuendo had (and have) a purpose. And the most likely purpose – by far – is the orchestration of World War III.

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