Spotify Wearable In Works [REPORT]

Spotify Wearable In Works [REPORT]
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Spotify is rumored to be expanding its business to wearables now. According to rumors by a “trusted source” of Zatz Not Funny, the digital music service could be exploring the release of a branded wearable. Currently, there is not much information about this news, but a job listing posted by the podcast and video streaming service does give some support to the rumor.

Looking for a product manager

Tech blogger Dave Zatz noticed a job posting which says that the music streaming service is looking to debut dedicated hardware soon. The job position, which is based in Spotify’s global headquarters in Stockholm, involves “leading an initiative to deliver hardware directly from Spotify to existing and new customers; a category defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles.”

Further, the job listing noted that the new product manager will define the product requirements for the Internet-connected software and hardware and work with manufacturers and suppliers to deliver the best Spotify experience to millions of users. The fact that the product manager will be tasked with “defining the product requirements” may mean that the project is still in its early stages, notes The Verge.

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The product manager will partner with the hardware initiative program managers to make the product and then team up with designers, engineers, manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that everything is being done properly. In addition, the product manager will be tasked with sticking with the product throughout its life cycle and deciding when it should be retired.

What wearable could Spotify launch?

The notion of Spotify-branded hardware does make a lot of sense. The Samsung Gear S3 has a Spotify app which streams music and is mainly intended to store music locally for offline playback. An updated app for Google’s Android Wear platform was supposed to provide more independent music downloading and streaming options as well, but the update has not come yet, notes CNET.

Pebble was also working on a standalone, GPS-enabled Android device called the Pebble Core before it was sold to Fitbit. The product failed to surface because of financial difficulties. The main feature of the device was supposed to be Spotify and playing downloaded tracks for workouts. The Pebble Core is not in existence, but the primary idea behind the device could still be interesting and useful for the digital music service, notes CNET.

If the music streaming service is able to develop headphones which can store music locally for workouts and use a voice interface for interaction, then fitness headphones are a good option as well.

Spotify’s job listing mentions Spectacles, which could hint at “music glasses.” However, the idea of hardware that is to be placed on the eyes sounds confusing and senseless. It could also mean that Spotify’s hardware goal is a dedicated wearable tied to one application. The Spotify band could also be a wearable remote for its music service, notes CNET.

As of now, there has been no comment from the digital music streaming service on the job posting, which was taken down on Monday, and we do not expect the company to reveal any more information about the hardware anytime soon.

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