Website to Check Tax Rebate Eligibility from Virginia Now Available         

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Governor Glenn Youngkin announced yesterday that the state will start distributing the rebate checks this week. Also, the governor announced the launch of a website to help taxpayers to check tax rebate eligibility from Virginia. Eligible taxpayers could get as much as $400.

How to check tax rebate eligibility from Virginia

Starting Wednesday, taxpayers can visit to check tax rebate eligibility from Virginia, Governor Youngkin said in a press release Tuesday. Also, the governor informed that the rebate checks will start to go out this week.

Virginia will send the rebate money on a rolling basis, with some taxpayers expected to receive the money within the next three weeks. Most eligible taxpayers are estimated to receive the rebate payment by November 7.

“We’re excited to announce that tax rebates will begin to be distributed in the coming days,” the governor said, adding that his “administration has delivered over $5 billion in tax relief to Virginians, and we’re pleased that these rebates will provide needed relief to Virginians.”  

Secretary of Finance Stephen Cummings said the Commonwealth is giving excess revenue back to taxpayers for the second time in two years. Also, Cummings informed that over $900 million will be refunded to eligible taxpayers over the next few weeks, bringing the total of excess tax receipts returned directly to Virginia families since last fall to $2 billion.

Who will get it and how much?

Eligible individual filers will get up to $200 in a one-time tax rebate, while couples filing jointly could get up to $400. Those who received their state tax refund this year by direct deposit will likely receive the rebate in the same bank account. Others will get the rebate money by paper check in the mail.

Taxpayers need to file their 2022 state return by Nov. 1, 2023, as well as have a 2022 tax liability, to be eligible for the rebate money. The maximum rebate amount is $400 ($200 for individual filers) even if taxpayers paid more in last year’s tax season. Virginia’s individual income tax filing deadline is May 1, but the state has an automatic 6-month extension for filing.

A point to note is that those who only receive Social Security, Disability or Unemployment checks won’t qualify for the rebate money. Also, individual filers with adjusted gross income below $11,950 (below $23,900 for family filers) won’t get the rebate because they don’t owe any taxes.

If a taxpayer eligible for the rebate owes money to Virginia Tax or any other state or local agency, the Commonwealth will have the authority to use the rebate money first to pay that debt. The remaining balance, if any, will be sent to the taxpayer along with details of how the rebate money was used.

If the amount owed is more than the rebate money, the authorities will send a letter to the taxpayer explaining the use of the rebate money towards the debt and the agency’s contact information to whom the rebate money was transferred.