Shots Fired: US Capitol Building On Lockdown [LIVE COVERAGE]

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15:09 EST: The immediate danger on the scene at Capitol Hill appears to be over. When more information about the Capitol Hill shooting becomes available we will update readers in a new post.

15:06 EST: The lockdown has been lifted according to Politico sourcing Capitol Police.

15:05 EST: Eyewitnesses on the scene are being interviewed after lockdown ends on CNN.

15:04 EST: Injured officer was evacuated from the scene.

14:59 EST: Secret Service officials have confirmed that the incident began as a car chase at 15th & Pensylvania Avenue. The driver apparently tried to ram a barrier to get onto the road to the White House.


14:58 EST: Capitol Hill police are preparing a press conference and reports from the Senate building suggest that the lock down is in the process of being lifted right now.

14:57 EST: It’s not clear whether the assailant was able to leave the car before the shots were fired

14:56 EST: Intelligence sources say that a black car on Capitol Hill was being chased by police. Chase began near White House and stopped on Capitol Hill. Shots were fired at that point.

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14:54 EST: Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard says entire House of Representatives side of Capitol Hill is closed down. No moving in or out, or up and down stairs.

14:52 EST: US Supreme Court building is closed. No entry or exit.

14:51 EST: FBI units are also heading towards Capitol Hill. Gunshots were apparently on Garfield Circle.

14:50 EST: Police do not think anybody in the Senate is in danger. The lock down is precautionary. There is a sense of relief according to CNN.

14:49 EST: The President is inside the Whitehouse according to CNN.

14:48 EST: Pennsylvania Avenue is on lock down according to CNN.

14:47 EST: Capitol Hill police, local police and other emergency personnel are on the scene. One CNN source says that there were at least a dozen gunshots.

14:46 EST: The all clear has not been given. The Capitol, is still on lock down according to CNN.

14:44 EST: Police are saying that they have the shooter in custody. No additional information on the shooting has been made available just yet.

14:42 EST: Starting live coverage. Police have put all journalists politicians and congressional staffer on lockdown. Advised to stay away from exterior windows and doors.

Shots have been fired outside the Capitol Building in Washington DC according to reports emerging from CNN, the Washington Post and other outlets. According to the reports the Capitol building has been locked down in the wake of the shooting. Very few additional details were available directly following the incident.

Shots Fired: US Capitol Building On Lockdown [LIVE COVERAGE]

Sources on the scene indicate that there is a heavy police presence in the area, though it is unclear if it is much greater than the already massive police presence the Capitol building harbors. Some reports suggest that at least one police officer at the Capitol has been injured, but the nature of the injury and its extent are unclear.

The shooting comes after three days of a government shutdown. The shut down, which resulted from a break down in negotiations over a Federal Budget, has angered many Americans.

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