Secretly Take Photos on iPhone, Even When The Screen Is Off

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The beauty of a jailbroken iOS device is that it creates endless possibilities. With a jailbroken device, you can  add a new functionality or customize the device to your heart’s content. That said, if you have a jailbroken iPhone then here’s a very useful Cydia tweak that you should really try.

Stealth Cam is a tweak lets you capture photos and videos secretly, even while the screen is off. Now, why would you want to use this tweak? That’s because sometimes you want to capture a photo without knowing anyone else about it; with this app you can be a spy like James Bond.


How iPhone Stealth Cam works

The app is really very simple to use. Basically it allows the photo and video functionality of your device to keep on running even when the device has been put into sleep mode. To capture a photo using Stealth Cam on your jailbroken iPhone, launch the Camera app and put your device in sleep mode by pressing the sleep / wake button. With Stealth Cam, you can then use the volume button as the camera shutter button. When using this method, your iPhone won’t make any shutter noise when capturing the photo. The photos captured will be saved as usual.

If you want to make a stealth recording using video, then you will need to start recording the video from the Camera app and then put your device to sleep. The video will continue to be recorded in the background even in sleep mode.

To try out Stealth Cam you only have to pay the small sum of $0.99, and it is available from the BigBoss repo. The developer of this package is Malcom Hall and it is compatible with iOS 4.0 or higher. Try it out and let us know what you think about it.

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