How To Take Screenshot And Record Video On Your PlayStation 4

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Are you into gaming? Is there a particular game at which you are better than all your friends at? If there is, have you ever considered making use of your PlayStation 4’s ability to take a screen-shot and even record your victorious game play in action?

Furthermore did you know that once the video and screen-shots have been captured they can be uploaded to the internet, saved on the console or even transferred to a computer or mobile storage device!

In this article I am going to tell you how to do all that, so sit back and soon you will be able to rub your mastery of that certain game in your friends face’s even more.

PlayStation 4 – How to Snap and Upload a Screenshot or Video

Whether you can do this in certain parts of a game such as game kinematics or on various other apps on your console will depend on whether the developer has agreed to let it happen, some do not like it, but the majority do.

  1. To save your first screenshot or video whilst playing a game, press the share button which is on the left hand side of your controller next to the directional pad.
  2. The share menu will now appear giving you option to press the triangle button and save a screenshot to your PlayStation 4.
  3. To save a video clip and save it (about 15 minutes of gameplay) to your Playstation simply press the square button.

How to Upload your Screenshot and Video

At the beginning of this How-To, I mentioned that you could not only take a screen-shot and record video, but you would also be able to share them and spread the word about just how great you are at particular game. The PlayStation 4 will allow you to do this via Facebook and Twitter or via a Playstation message. However, videos can also be uploaded to YouTube and Dailymotion.

Here’s how:

  1. Press the triangle button to save a screenshot and the square button to save a video on the consoles internal storage.
  2. From the internal storage select “upload screenshot” to share via social media.
  3. To share a video select “upload video” to share via social media and video sites such as YouTube.

And that is it….

Final Thoughts

When will you be snapping your first screenshot or uploading a video? Personally I love to show off my skills on the soccer game Fifa16. My friends don’t like it much especially when I post videos of me beating them 5-0.

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