Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features And Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features And Specs
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With the Galaxy Note 5 set to be released later this year, it now seems clear that Samsung will be utilizing its own proprietary chipsets for this handset. Samsung switched to Exynos technology for the recent Galaxy S6, and it now seems that the Korean corporation will incorporate a better performing chipset in its upcoming flagship phablet.

Galaxy Note 5 to feature all-in-one solution

Reports indicate that the chipset in question will be named Exynos 7422, and it seems likely that this will be Samsung’s first ever all-in-one solution, incorporating CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem in a singular chip. This is obviously an ambitious undertaking, but it is one intended to ensure that the Galaxy Note 5 is an extremely powerful performer.

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Pedants might argue that Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha also featured a similar solution, but this in fact combined RAM and storage alone in a single package. While this would seem to be an ideal solution for the Galaxy Note 5, it is also been suggested by some market analysts that this chipset is more likely to be available for the first time when the Galaxy S7 is released. Some observers believe that it is too ambitious an undertaking for Samsung to include this in a commercial device this year, but it is certainly a possibility that it could appear in the Galaxy Note 5.

Sources close to Samsung have also indicated that the Korean manufacturer is currently working internally on displays that can render 4K resolution. This has been predicted for some time, after Samsung armed the previous iteration of the Galaxy Note series with a quad HD display. 4K resolution is set to become a major technology in the coming years, and Samsung is already selling a wide range of television sets capable of displaying this resolution.

Screen emphasis

Samsung has really pioneered high-quality screens in mobile devices in recent years, and the corporation is increasingly lauded for the standard of its displays. Samsung has been the world’s largest manufacturers of television since 2006, and is now an extremely dominant force in this particular marketplace. It has made obvious commercial sense for the corporation to concentrate on this aspect of its mobile devices, and this has proved to be a shrewd decision from both a business and ethos standpoint.

This 4K decision could also force the corporation to greatly upgrade the battery included in the phablet. With 4K considerably higher in pixel quantity than the quad HD display which was included in the Galaxy Note 4, it would seem to be essential for Samsung to significantly improve the battery cell included in the Galaxy Note 5. Thus, it is already rumored that this high performing phablet will feature a 4,100 mAh battery.

Reports originating from Korea have already suggested that Samsung will place a far greater emphasis on the curved variant of its phablet when the Galaxy Note 5 is released. Last year, the Galaxy Note Edge was the first ever Samsung smartphone to feature a curved display, and this is now a technology which has become associated hugely with the Korean electronics giant.

The Galaxy Note Edge was an undoubted success, and the Galaxy S6 Edge has shown that Samsung is now committed to this technology in smartphones as well as phablets. Meanwhile, Samsung curved televisions continue to sell well and be showered with extremely positive reviews.

Galaxy Edge to be ongoing focus

In accordance with this general trend, it has therefore been suggested that Samsung will produce a much greater proportion of curved screen devices when it releases the Galaxy S7 next year. Although this doesn’t directly relate to the Galaxy Note 5, it is believed that Samsung could use this as a sounding board and testing ground for this concept, with production of the curved screen device being ramped up significantly in this generation of the phablet.

Analysts have also suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 will align very closely with the Galaxy S6 in terms of overall shape. This would perhaps make sense for Samsung if it is to attempt to incorporate some of the features and even internal aspects of the Galaxy S6 into its flagship phablet. We could see the bezels of the device slimmed even more in an attempt to create a Galaxy Note handset with a slightly larger screen that is still the same size and weight as its previous iteration.

S-Pen updates

Aside from the physical aspects of the device, it is also thought that the Galaxy Note 5 could place a strong emphasis on multitasking and features related to its stylus. The S-Pen is very much a unique selling point of the Galaxy Note series, and it is something that even Apple has been linked with including in the iPhone Plus phablet in 2015.

Samsung is thus expected to make the most of this by offering more functionality with the S-Pen stylus when the Galaxy Note 5 is released. To produce its stylus device, Samsung collaborates with Wacom, and it is being reported that the Korean corporation is currently working with Wacom to upgrade every aspect of the stylus in order to create an even more impressive user experience. The S-Pen has already been hugely praised, so this promises to be an exciting aspect of the device when it is finally released later this year.

Features wireless charging

Other features which are expected to be debuted in the Galaxy Note 5 include the wireless charging which was part of the Galaxy S6 earlier this year. Samsung my face some technical issues in including this in its phablets. But considering that it would give the device a significant advantage over Apple – which may not be able to include this in the iPhone in 2015 – so it seems certain that engineers will be beavering away on achieving this as we speak.

Improved fingerprint reading features, a unique version of the device which folds from the screen, and a massive 256GB storage model of the Galaxy Note 5 are all predicted features of this hugely anticipated phablet release.

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