How To Read Facebook Chat Messages Without Being ‘Seen’

How To Read Facebook Chat Messages Without Being ‘Seen’

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about Facebook messages is that once a message is read, it notifies the chat partner immediately. The “last seen at” is a useful thing, but some don’t like this feature of Facebook Messenger as well as the Facebook app.

The good part is that the read notification is very useful when you want to ensure that certain important messages are delivered in time, and read by the recipient. The bad part is that once the message is read, the person feels pressured to answer it right away because if it is not answered, the sender may get irritated that even after seeing the message, you have not replied to it. One cannot ignore any message once it’s read.

Facebook Privy Chat masks that pesky ‘read at …’ message

That’s where an Android app named as Privy Chat for Facebook steps in. The app lets you quickly read Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) messages without marking them as “read.” This means you can get some time to reply to messages without feeling any stress to reply immediately, or you can also simply ignore those messages. The message sender would never know that you’ve even read those messages.

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Apart from that, you can also see a list of all friends on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and see whether they are online or not.


When you first start the app, you’ll need to enter your Facebook information and authorize the app to use your account. It will need access to your public profile, messages, chats, and more.

The app will display a list of all messages received, and recent messages will be displayed at the top. A closed eye icon means that the sender has not yet received any read notification while an open eye means that the sender has received the notification.

Strange app bug …

While you might really like this app, there’s one big problem. You cannot start conversations with people who have never messaged you in the past. This is quite strange and I just hope that the developer fixes this issue. Also the app doesn’t display attachments like images.

Overall, it can be said that this app definitely comes very handy if you’re not comfortable with read notifications on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Do try it out.

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