We’re In A Quarter-End Window Dressing Season

We’re In A Quarter-End Window Dressing Season
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Commenting on the quarter-end window dressing season and today’s markets strategist Louis Navellier wrote in a note to investors:


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Window Dressing Season

We’re now in quarter-end window dressing season and expect the next two weeks to be very good. Many managers will be buying their best stocks on dips, adjusting for style drift and positioning their portfolios for what is likely to be a strong earnings season.  ETFs realign every 90 days and will be buying a lot of stocks at the end of the quarter as well.

The next two weeks should trend upward.

The tilt towards value that has been much hyped is illusory. Value surges are typical and tend to last six to eight weeks, and this one will end when a superlative set of earnings begins to emerge in April and May.

Good News In Retail

The bad retail sales report yesterday, in our view, attributable almost solely to bad weather.  Further, the good news was buried in the Commerce Depart.

Yesterday, Volkswagen’s Power Day added credence their emerging leadership with six gigafactories and more charging stations than Tesla in China and Europe. Tesla will still have more charging stations in the US. but Volkswagen is very serious about all the models they are introducing and Volkswagen shares are soaring, up 71% in the past month, and Tesla is not. We wish Tesla well,  but it does look like there is some leadership changes underway.

Ford and GM are doing very well too and are going to be very formidable competitors for Tesla though it is still going to lead the US sales for some time.

The idea of tax increases are rumors and the situation is unlikely to changes.  The current administrations wants to show growth and prosperity for now.

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