What Would You Pay To Relive These Historical Events In Time?

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How much would you spend to relive a once in a lifetime moment from the past?  What pop culture, historical or personal event would top your list?  Would it be the day that you were born or the day your child was born?  Maybe it was the day of your first kiss?  Or would you go back and relive something historical like the signing of the declaration of independence or the first moon landing?

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Bid-On-Equipment recently asked 2,000 Americans to put a price on priceless and timeless events that they would love to relive.

From historical events like Woodstock in 1969 and the first moon landing to someone’s wedding day, they asked people how much they would pay to relive major moments in history and in people’s personal lives. They looked at 40 historical events from music, sports, pop culture, world history and personal moments. Let’s take a look at what people were willing to pay!

The top 5 most desirable experience for the surveyed respondents are as follows:

  1. When your first child was born $100,622
  2. The U.S. moon landing in 1969 $39,334
  3. Signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 $36,836
  4. The day you were born $36,161
  5. Your wedding day $30,256

The survey also found that women would pay way more than men ($31,456) to relieve the moment that their first child was born.  Men on the other hand were willing to pay 2.7x more to relive their first kiss compared to women.  Millennials were more likely to spend on pop culture and sporting experiences.  Generation Xers would spend the most money on music and personal experiences.  Baby Boomers on the other hand would spend the most to relieve historic events.

The survey looked at experiences in the following categories (music, sports, pop culture, historic events and personal events and milestones).

Let’s look at some of the top results in each category.


  1. Woodstock 1969 $11,110
  2. The Beatles World Tour 1964 $10,564
  3. A night out with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack $7,823
  4. Seeing Tupac in concert $4,991
  5. Seeing Elvis Presley in concert $4,4472


  1. Ali Vs Frazier $5,114
  2. Michael Jordan’s Championship Game-Winning Shot $3,318
  3. Chicago Cubs Break Curse $2,918
  4. Red Sox Break Curse $2,782
  5. Tiger Woods Wins Masters 1997 $2,214

Pop Culture

  1. Premier of Star Wars $11,757
  2. On the set of “Friends” series finale $5,731
  3. On the set of the first “Seinfeld” episode $2,849
  4. First episode of SNL $1,776
  5. Hulk Hogan body slamming Andrea the Giant at $1,570


  1. Moon landing $39,836
  2. Signing of Declaration of Independence $36,836
  3. MLK I have a dream speech $28,676
  4. Gettysburg address $26,896
  5. Columbus arrives in America $25,593


  1. When your first child was born $100,622
  2. The day you were born $36,161
  3. Your wedding day $30,256
  4. Seeing your favorite deceased musician in concert $21,861
  5. The day you got engaged $21,482

To see the full analysis, check out the infographic below.

historical events

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