Paris Explosion: At Least One Dead

Paris Explosion: At Least One Dead

An explosion in the center of Paris has killed at least one person according to French police. Local media are reporting that two people were seriously injured in the blast and another two have been missing since the incident occurred. According to France 24 the explosion occurred in the Tenth Arrondissement in Paris.

Paris Explosion: At Least One Dead

There has not yet been any news about what caused the explosion, and the numbers of people killed injured and missing appear to differ from source to source. When more detailed news about the explosion becomes public we will update this article to reflect the changes.

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According to LE Parisien the explosion may have been caused by workers who were trying to unsolder old fuel tanks. Reporters on the scene say that the explosion caused the collapse of the garage that the fuel tanks were in, and four people are still trapped in the rubble left by the explosion. Firefighters and other emergency responders are on the scene.

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