Obama Visits Arlington National Cemetery For Memorial Day Services

Obama Visits Arlington National Cemetery For Memorial Day Services
White House (Pete Souza) [Public domain]

Obama Visits Arlington National Cemetery For Memorial Day Services

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As thousands of Americans struggle to find work and attempt to celebrate the memorial holiday President Barack Obama started the holiday by placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider today.

He reminded Americans that it is time to pray and to remember our fallen heroes who have given us the freedom we have today. The Memorial Day holiday, which normally entails many Americans enjoying barbecues in their backyards, was intentionally started in honor of fallen veterans who served the country. As Defense Secretary Leon Panetta put it today, “all the men and women who rest here are a constant reminder that freedom is not free.”

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President Obama’s rival in the presidential election Mitt Romney had been scheduled to make remarks in San Diego with Arizona senator John McCain who lost to the president four years ago. Senator McCain is a decorated war veteran. For the first time during current Presidential elections, neither Mr. Obama nor Romney had served in the military. This is interesting to note, as thousands of troops are still overseas fighting a war that should have been over a long time ago. Despite this, Mr. Obama claims the war in Afghanistan is winding down and the one in Iraq is over.

With all of President Obamas promises, many of which have been broken, it is a wonder if even his claims about the wars are valid. Obama promised to help Americans save their homes from foreclosures currently 1 in 5 Americans still are going through this. He also promised a no increase in taxes but with his Obama Care bill, there have been many increases in taxes across the board. In fact, the lower tax that was supposed to contribute to stimulate the economy was discontinued in January.

More Americans without healthcare now will be forced to go into a government pool that only Obama and his elite will control. He claimed the troops would be home but he talks about the war in Afghanistan is winding down. Is this ending the war and returning our soldiers where they need to be. These were actual promises he made a year ago at one of his talks to the American public. He also goes on to talk about the ending of lobbyists being able to manipulate politics to get what they need thereby hurting the middle class American. Have these signs been shown. President Barack Obama even further explains how American’s pensions and investments would be protected but yet just the other month JP Morgan Chase made a poor choice causing investors millions. Is this protecting the American interest?

While Barack Obama goes around delivering wreaths to the tomb of The Unknown Soldier and talks about how they love our country, which is, all true is he sincere about what he says? Has he followed through on anything that he has promised to date? Today we have millions of Americans out of work. California has the highest unemployment rate in the country yet they just missed the mark for additional extended benefits thereby cutting off thousands from any source of income. What is President Barack Obama doing?

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