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Now is the time to be looking at the world’s ‘forgotten’ precious metal

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In our daily conversations, we regularly discuss how important it is to own real assets– especially precious metals.

There’s so much risk in the financial system right now. Just consider your own bank account, for example.

If you’re in the West, more than likely your bank is -extremely- illiquid, meaning that they only keep a small portion of your funds in reserve.

The rest of your money is gambled away in the latest investment fad; and as we’ve reported recently, banks are once again making low-money down home loans to subprime borrowers with YOUR money.

This is the same playbook that nearly causes the entire financial system to collapse back in 2008.

Now, here’s the thing—and a lot of people don’t realize this: the money in your bank account isn’t really YOURS.

Sure, your name is on the bank account. But as soon as you make a deposit, that money belongs to the bank. And you become one of their many, many unsecured creditors.

It hardly seems worth the risk, especially given the paltry 0.1% interest they’re paying you.

We’ve talked a lot about different solutions, like holding physical cash, as well as precious metals.

But when we use the term ‘precious metals,’ most people immediately think of gold.

That makes sense, of course. Gold is the most famous and most widely held precious metal.

But there are three others, namely palladium, platinum, and silver.

Silver in particular may be worth a closer look; we wrote to you several months ago that silver was very cheap on a relative basis, especially compared to gold.

And so far this year silver has been a top-performing commodity.

So today I thought it appropriate to take some time and specifically explore silver.

I sat down this afternoon with the founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing storage and precious metals trading firms in the world, based here in Singapore, and I think you’ll learn a lot from his insights into what he considers the ‘forgotten’ precious metal.

You can listen in here.

Podcast Episode #68
Now is the time to be looking at the world’s ‘forgotten’ precious metal
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