Nokia Offers Free Music Streaming Service To Boost Sales In The US

Nokia Offers Free Music Streaming Service To Boost Sales In The US
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Nokia Offers Free Music Streaming Service To Boost Sales In The US

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) is offering a free music streaming service exclusively for consumers with Nokia Lumia mobile phones to enjoy their favorite music.

The Nokia Music app has a library of millions of songs and 150 exclusive playlists curated and updated by the company’s team of expert musicologists based in the United States, featuring a variety of musical genres from underground Detroit house tracks, New York Philharmonic, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga’s songs.

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Nokia Music also allows users to choose their favorite songs and create their personal playlists from the millions of songs available in the music library through the “Create Function.” In addition, Nokia Music is advertisement-free and it streams music offline, anytime, and anywhere. It also offers a special feature called the Gig Finder, which helps users located live gigs, concerts, and shows in their area.

In a statement, Jyrki Rosenberg, VP of Entertainment at Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), said, “The USA is the most vibrant and competitive digital music market in the world – by a wide margin. We have worked extra hard to ensure our service meets the expectations of the demanding, active and inspired music fans in the USA. I would like to challenge everyone to try Nokia Music and see just how easy and enjoyable the service is to use.”

Consumers who own a Nokia Lumia 900 or Nokia Lumia 710 can download the free Nokia Music app from the Marketplace.

Meanwhile, the media published leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView and Lumia 820 smartphones ahead of the official launch date, scheduled on September 5 in New York City. The Lumia 920 PureView comes in different colors, such as red, yellow, and gray, with a 4.5-inch display. Technology analysts speculate the Lumia 920 PureView has the capability to deliver brilliant and captivating photographs through its new camera technology. On the other hand, the Lumia 820 comes with a 4.3-inch display, and a soft and elegant design. It is available in multiple bright colors such as yellow, red, blue, and purple.

Analysts believed that the new Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) smartphones powered by Windows 8 could save the company from its struggling financial situation. Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) lost its position as the world leader in mobile phones since the introduction of Apple’s iPhone. The company hopes to regain its position in the mobile phone market with its latest Nokia Lumia series of smartphones.

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