New Study Reveals The Countries Around The World With The Most Unicorn Companies

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The United States has the most Unicorn companies out of any country in the world, a new study has revealed.

New research from Tipalti analysed the billion dollar valued companies around the world to find out which countries and industries have the most Unicorns, as well as the most valuable.

The Countries With The Most Unicorns

Unicorn Companies

The United States tops the list for countries with the most Unicorn companies, with 615 billion dollar companies being founded in the country, which is the equivalent of more than half of all Unicorn companies analysed.

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China ranks second, with 15.17% of all Unicorn companies originating in the country. Unicorns such as Bytedance and SHEIN are just 2 of the 174 billion dollar companies founded in China.

All other countries in the list each account for less than 10% of the total Unicorn companies in the world, with all of them having less than 100 Unicorns.

The Most Valuable Unicorn Companies

Unicorn Companies

Chinese AI company Bytedance ranks as the most valuable Unicorn company, with a valuation of $140bn. The company created TikTok and is one of three hectocorn companies with values over $100 billion.

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX ranks second, with a value of $125bn twenty years after being founded in 2002. The company is the only American Unicorn to rank in the top 3 for highest value.

Unicorn Companies

Further Findings

  • In terms of the industries with the most Unicorn companies, fintech tops the list, with 242 of all the companies analysed falling under this sector, which is the equivalent of more than a fifth.
  • Chinese fast-fashion retailer SHEIN jumped from 11th to 3rd place in the most valuable Unicorn companies ranking when comparing with 2020’s report.
  • There are now a total of 1,147 Unicorn companies around the world, an increase of 711 since our 2020 analysis.

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