Netflix, Inc. To Suggest TV Sets To Get Better Quality Content

Netflix, Inc. To Suggest TV Sets To Get Better Quality Content
NFLX Photo by Matt Perreault

Netflix is popular around the world and has millions of subscribers who prefer watching shows and movies using the company’s video streaming service. The service offers the best viewing experience when watched on certain TV sets, however, so the company has now decided to recommend TVs to its subscribers to ensure the best Netflix experience is delivered.

Netflix very serious about content quality

On Monday in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Netflix announced its new “Netflix Recommended TV Program.” The company wants all of its subscribers to have the ultimate experience of watching internet TV, and only certain specific TV sets built for a particular purpose can deliver that experience. The company wants to help its customers identify such televisions as part of this evaluation program.

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Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer, made a statement in which he tried to explain the purpose for which the company came with the program. With the right TV, users also get easier menu navigation and other new features, bringing about an overall improvement in the internet TV viewing experience, said Hunt.

Netflix is very serious about delivering a superior viewing experience to its subscribers, and for this it has worked with the makers of TVs, gaming consoles, set-top boxes and mobile devices a lot in the past seven years. Certain products will get certification from the video streaming giant under the program, after which those products could be marketed by the manufacturers as the ones on which Netflix’s service can be viewed with a performance better than non-certified ones.

Certified Netflix partners

For this program, Netflix has partnered with several TV manufacturers, of which LG Electronics is one. During a press event, the new program was announced by Greg Peters, who is the chief of streaming and partnerships at Netflix. For this year, the video streaming service provider has plans to deliver HDR content to LG’s TVs. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. which describes the ratio between light and dark picture quality.

Besides LG Electronics, there are a few others as well that have partnered with Netflix for the Netflix Recommended Program, and these are Sony Electronics, Sharp Electronics, VIZIO and ROKU TV manufacturers. Certified products from these companies will be out later this year.

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