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Netflix To Double Its Original Shows Line-up Next Year

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Netflix original shows like Jessica Jones and Master of None are highly popular. Keeping this in mind, the streaming giant has decided to double up on its original programming. This is big news for ardent fans of its original programming.

Original content – a necessity for Netflix

While speaking at the UBS Media Conference this morning, Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos said that Netflix will reach a total of 31 scripted shows next year. This is just is one show less than double the number of original shows it aired in 2015. Sarandos noted that Netflix is working on 10 new feature films, 30 shows for kids, 12 documentaries and 10 stand-up specials, adding that this is not just a lot of volume, but quality programming.

Over the last few years, Netflix has been accelerating its push into original content. Netflix’s original shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black have been hugely successful, but despite that the streaming firm had limited the number of scripted series to the single digits until earlier this year.

Analysts note a sort of vicious cycle has been created with the rapid growth of the service. The other networks are hesitant to license their shows to Netflix because of the fact that the streaming firm is expanding into original content. This means that the streaming giant will have a hard time trying to remain competitive, and will need to make even more original content.

Global expansion – an opportunity and threat

With slowing user growth in the U.S, the streaming firm is working on expanding into as many countries as possible. This year, the service launched in countries such as Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal.

“It has not been an easy road. We’re aspiring to take Netflix fully global… we’re alone in this space of buying global rights,” Sarandos said.

Netflix might have to face some difficult challenges because of its global expansion, but at the same time, the expansion also allows it to acquire more original content. The company premiered regional shows like Narcos and Club de Cuervos this year, and for the next year, has plans to premiere scripted shows like Marseille, 3%, and Suburra.

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