Get Moto X Active Display Like Notifications On Any Android Device

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We’ve all waited for a long time to see what Google brings to us with the acquisition of Motorola. The Moto X didn’t disappointed us; at least that’s what it seems like from its reviews. The Moto X has some certain features which are limited only to that phone, and while exclusivity is never a problem for those who can buy the new phone, developers do help us to add that same feature to any Android device. This time, we’re talking about the Active Display notifications feature, exclusive to Moto X.

Basically this feature presents notifications on the lock screen instead of a blinking LED. Fpr those who want the same type of functionality in their non-Moto X devices, there’s an app for that.

Moto X lock screen lovers

ActiveNotifications does the same job asActive Display, and it comes with a neat and simple interface. The app is perfect for those who love the Moto X lock screen and the way notifications appear on it, but don’t want to spend a fortune in buying the device.

Moto X active-notifications

How to use Active Notifications on your Andriod

Once installed, and ActiveNotifications are enabled from the settings, and notifications will subtly appear on your lock screen. Slide your finger upwards to deal with the notification. Of course, if you have a password in place, then type it in and then you’ll be able to view the notification.


Also if you don’t want to dismiss the notification this time, then simply swipe either left or right. You can manage ActiveNotification types from the settings of this app.

ActiveNotifications is a free app, but if you want more features like privacy sleep at night, etc then you can get these premium features by shelling out 99 cents.

The app is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. The developer mentions that there might be some problems with Android 4.0 to 4.2, but it should run without any problem on Android 4.3. Get it from the link below.

Download ActiveNotifications for Android from Play Store.

Here’s a video of how this app works:

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