Most Important Benefits Of Guest Posting Which You Don’t Know

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Do you think that you know all about guest posting? I do not think so.

We all have been in correspondence with one or another guest posting service, so we think we know pretty much everything that guest posting can accomplish for us, but perhaps there’s more to guest posting.

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In this post I am going to cover some of the most important benefits of guest posting which you most probably didn’t know before reading this post.

So, get a cup of coffee, sit in a quiet corner and give a read to this blogpost because it is going to change your perception of guest posting.

Spoil Alert: It is much more than just getting a high quality do-follow backlink.

1. Establish Niche Authority

One of the most important facts about guest posting is that it works for both websites: one that’s getting a backlink and one that is giving the backlink.

If you get the guest post from a guest posting service like Globex Outreach that knows the norms of the industry and creates good content, parties to this deal have a good experience, but otherwise it’s a disaster.

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In case everything goes fine and you really have a good guest post, not only the guest post receiving website will get another highly relevant and authentic piece of writing to further its niche authority, but you will also move one step further towards becoming a niche authority.


Well, you need to look at the how backlink works.

Backlink is actually a link between your brainchild and the big grandma (niche authority website), and when Google notices that your website gets respect from grandma, it takes it that both websites are connected and it improves your ranking (read niche authority).

2. Quality Traffic


The primary purpose of backlink is to tell Google that you mean business and you possess somewhat importance in your niche.


You must not forget that in doing so you are getting link juice (read authentic and qualified niche-specific traffic) to your website ().

This traffic will definitely come to your website, not only the ranking will be improved, but Google would notice a sudden increase in traffic and that too of a really authentic and we-mean-business traffic, and this will make Google improve your page ranking.


When you get quality traffic, you get quality business too. Your website is not to entertain the masses, but you have some sort of services or products based business going over there.

Since that traffic will be all highly interested in your niche, you have better than none chances to convert those visitors into subscribers, loyal visitors or even customers.

Happy selling!

3. Expand Your Network

This benefit is more specific to personal branding websites and websites about individuals, but this is perfectly suitable to companies and agencies too.

Since we know that when we get traffic from websites like or, we only get the kind of traffic is very sincere and committed to the niche of these websites e.g. SEO, entrepreneurship and business etc., we get to meet useful people.

In simple words we get to expand our network. That network can later be qualified for your sales funnel.

Have it go through different stages until you refine those who mean business and then sell them whatever you sell: products or services.

Your network, in case you remember consists of industry’s geniuses and real committed audience, you can use them to spread word about you and get more traffic and more customers.

4. Build Personal Business Relationships


It is not like increasing your network, you are increasing that network only because you need to find new people and then qualify them as buyers.


You will eventually build relationships with a few of them.


Here we are building personal business relationships. See, everyone in your network is not worthy of personal relationship. These are people who you intend to sell something to.

You want to make personal business relationships ( not for the meek purpose of selling, but to expand your reach and be known as a niche expert.

These are the people who have 1000+ followers on Twitter and Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of likes.

Since we know that business relationships are nothing but “I scratch your back, your scratch mine”, you need to make their acquaintance and you will get mentioned in Tweets and blog posts and whatnot.

In return, you can always write about them or socially mention them. In the end it is all about spreading the word.

5. Going from Internet Enterprise to a Brand

Here’s the deal:

To run an online business all you have to do is go to a name registrar like, register a name and then go to a hosting company, get the hosting and now either you can make your own website with a little knowledge of WordPress or ask some expert to do this for some money.


This only makes you a website, to make it a business you’d have to shed sweat, blood and tears and time.


After 3+ years, it’ll be nothing but a business, like many others on the internet. Only customers would know its name and it would not be known as an alternative of the niche (like pampers is an alternative of baby diapers these days).

To make your business a brand and identity of your niche, you need some really good backlinking.

Use a guest posting service to get quality posts and offer them as a bribe to some high DA PA websites.

This will send some really niche-specific traffic to your website. Once you will start to get known as a website that is so intensely linked with the niche, you will soon be branded as a brand.

But it will take time.

6. Social Signals

When your website’s link is Tweeted, Instagrammed, Facebooked or LinkedIned, it shows to Google that your website is worthy of some serious attention.

Social signals are known openly admitted as one of the most important ranking factor.

If you search an image in Google image search and open an image, Google gives the option to either download it or share it (on social media) which is an evidence of the respect Google gives to social media networks.

When you use guest posting you get to bring to your blog or website tons of traffic whose level or sincerity to the niche is beyond doubt.

They are the kind of people who will crazily share anything good that they find about the niche.

Creating so many social signals will boost your brand awareness as well as brand recognition, and definitely Google will also note this and improve your ranking.

7. Reach Out to Larger Audience

Your impact is small, because you are a small website within a particular niche. Since your impact is small, the audience that you get exposure to is also small.

You are only reaching to the fish that can be found in shallow waters or around coral reef.

When you start guest posting with help of a quality guest posting service, you get exposure to the traffic that comes from a niche authority website.

These websites are so old and important that they have access to the fish that reside at the sea bed and they send those fish your way.

All you to do is make good use of that traffic.

8. Business Opportunities

Remember what I said about the kind of traffic that you get with backlinks from niche’s top authority websites?


They are like the fish from the bottom of the sea. The big ones with tons of meat, fats and oil. You can use them the way you want to.

One of the best ways is to use them to find new business opportunities.

For example, if your business is SEO and you get backlink from, imagine Ahrefs opening the drain to let some traffic go to your website.

Well, since the traffic coming from that website consists of people who are interested in SEO and relevant topics, they may find some interest in your services and either become customers or offer a business partnership or consultation contract etc.

9. Conclusion

In the end it is all about how wide and wild is your imagination. You may confine the benefits of guest posting to getting backlinks or good ranking, but there are bigger benefits of this.

All you need is a good guest posting service to get guest posts whenever you need and you can do whatever you want to do with guest posting.

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