$$ Made Per Second By Top Companies – Apple Has Wide Lead, JPM #2, BRK #3

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Imagine that for every second that passes, your bank account inches up $1.

You’d be making $60 per minute, or the equivalent of $86,400 in a day. Over the course of a year, you’d roll in a solid $3.2 million of profit.

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While this would be prolific for almost any person or company in the world – the truth is that for many of America’s top companies, this amount of profit would be just a drop in the pan.

Profit per second

Today’s visualization comes to us from TitleMax, and it shows the net income generated per second by America’s most profitable Fortune 500 companies.

Apple leads the pack by a wide margin, making $1,444 in profit per second – this is equal to $5.2 million per hour, $127 million per day, or $45.7 billion per year, based on 2016 net income figures.

Here is how Apple compares to other top profit-makers in the country:

Rank Company Profit per second Net income (2016)
#1 Apple $1,444.76 $45.7B
#2 JPMorgan Chase $782.14 $24.7B
#3 Berkshire Hathaway $761.30 $24.1B
#4 Wells Fargo $693.75 $21.9B
#5 Alphabet $615.96 $19.5B
#6 Bank of America $566.24 $17.9B
#7 Microsoft $531.21 $16.8B
#8 Johnson & Johnson $523.05 $16.5B
#9 Citigroup $471.56 $14.9B
#10 Altria Group $450.28 $14.2B

Apple’s $1,444 per second is in a league of its own – and the company’s competitors only make hundreds of dollars per second. In other words, Apple will likely remain on the top of this list for some time.

Tough to Beat

The above graphic is based on the 2017 Fortune 500 list, which uses numbers from 2016.

Since the list was published, Apple has released their 2017 results, and we now know that the company has seen another increase in net income – this time it is up to $48.4 billion ($1,533.17 per second).

Companies like JPMorgan Chase, Alphabet, and Berkshire Hathaway have yet to release their figures for 2017, but it’s unlikely that even someone as prolific as Warren Buffett will be able to keep up.

Article by Jeff Desjardins, Visual Capitalist

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