Mohamed Morsi Loyalists to Be Placed on Trial for Incitement

Mohamed Morsi Loyalists to Be Placed on Trial for Incitement

Egypt’s general prosecutor referred former presidential candidate and Islamist preacher Hazem Salah Abu Ismail to criminal court on Monday. (See: Mohamed Morsi Loyalists Camp-In at Rabaa al-Adaweya)

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Mohamed Morsi Loyalists to Be Placed on Trial for Incitement

The prosecutor accused Abu Ismail of forging a document saying that his late mother did not hold a U.S. green card and submitting it to the presidential elections committee last year.

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A prosecutor had ordered that the Islamist preacher be detained for four days pending investigations into the mentioned forgery allegations on July 18.

One conscript killed, two wounded in Sinai shooting brought about ouster of Mohamed Morsi

One conscript was killed and two were wounded in a sniper shooting that occurred in Sinai’s Arish city on Monday in the latest attack on security forces in the strategic peninsula since President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster.

Security sources said that the victims were transferred to a military hospital to receive medical attention after unknown assailants opened fire on them.

Security forces chased the attackers, but they managed to escape despite the authorities’ efforts.

The sources added that other conscripts were also wounded in Arish on the same day.

Attacks in the lawless region have noticeably increased since the ouster of Egypt’s Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

Court adjourns Ahmed Ezz’s case to Sep. 5

A Cairo criminal court ordered the release of businessman and former leading member of Hosni Mubarak’s parliament Ahmed Ezz on Monday and adjourned his case to September 5, reported the state news agency.

The businessman will remain in custody pending investigations in other cases.

The “steel-magnet” and former politician is accused of exploiting his political influence under the toppled president Mohamed Morsi for financial gains.

Ezz has exceeded the legal period to be detained for investigations in criminal cases, which is 18 months, the agency added.

Egypt’s Mansour orders insulting president sentence be reduced after Mohamed Morsi ouster

Egypt’s interim President Adli Mansour issued a decree on Monday stipulating that the sentence to “insulting the president” charges be reduced to a fine of no less than 10 thousand pounds and not exceeding 30 thousand pounds.

Mansour also issued a presidential decree ordering the restructure of the state-run National Council for Human Rights.

The new board members of the human rights body will be appointed through the interim cabinet headed by Hazem el-Beblawi, reported the state news agency.

The human rights council would remain in its current form up until a new parliament house is elected, the agency clarified.

Egypt foreign reserves rise to $18.8 bn following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi

Egypt’s total net of foreign reserves has increased from $14.9 billion in June to reach 18.8 billion by the end of July, the Central Bank of Egypt announced on Monday.

The country’s reserves were boosted after it received grants and aids worth billions from the gulf states in July following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

Clashes between supporters of Mohamed Morsi and opponents in Damietta leave 55 injured, 11 jailed

Fifty-five people were injured in clashes early Monday between supporters of Egypt’s deposed President Mohamed Morsi and their opponents in the new Damietta city located north of Cairo.

The clashes erupted after nearly a thousand of Mohamed Morsi’s loyalists announced their intention to hold a sit-in in front of the Islamic Medical Center near the home of one of the supporters who were killed during Cairo clashes on July 27.

The protesters chanted against the army and asked for the return of Mohamed Morsi and the dissolved parliamentary houses.

The residents of the area were raged by the sit-in decision and clashed with the supporters of Mohamed Morsi. Both sides fired gunshot and rubber bullets at each others, injuring dozens who were transferred to the hospital, according to an Aswat Masriya eyewitness.

The security forces then interfered firing teargas to disperse the crowds.

In addition, 11 were arrested on account of possessing cocktail bombs, the Islamic Center was evacuated and a number of cars, which belonged to the supporters of Mohamed Morsi, were vandalized.

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