Mohamed Morsi Supporters Call for Uprising After Army Shooting

Mohamed Morsi Supporters Call for Uprising After Army Shooting

The Muslim Brotherhood called on Egyptians to rise up against anti Mohamed Morsi activists who “want to steal” the revolution, a statement today, after the Health Ministry said over 35 people were killed in shooting outside the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guard.

Mohamed Morsi Supporters Call for Uprising After Army Shooting

Egypt opposition condemns Republican Guard violence by both Pro and anti Mohamed Morsi protesters

A statement on the organization’s Facebook page stated, “(The Freedom and Justice Party) calls on the great Egyptian people to rise up against those who want to steal their revolution with tanks and armoured vehicles, even over the dead bodies of the people.”

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Egypt’s main opposition alliance, the National Salvation Front, expressed “deep sorrow over the bloody events that took place in front of the headquarters of the Republican Guard early on Monday,” said a statement it issued.

“We offer our deepest condolences to the families of all citizens killed, and those who belong to the Armed Forces. We also hope those wounded will recover soon,” said the statement issued on Monday.

The statement added that the Front firmly condemns all acts of violence and requests an urgent and just investigation in the Republican Guard events and that the results of such inquiry be transparently announced in front of local and international public opinion.

The opposition alliance also condemned strongly any attempts by Mohamed Morsi protesters to attack the Egyptian Army installations, or its soldiers.

ElBaradei demands independent investigations in Republican Guard violence involving Mohamed Morsi supporters

Egypt’s prominent opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei demanded on Monday an immediate independent and transparent investigation into the violence that occurred outside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo.

The clashes left 43 supporters of deposed President Mohamed Mursi and two army officers killed.

Death toll rises to 43 in Republican Guard clashes between army and Mohamed Morsi supporters

“Violence begets violence and should be strongly condemned. Independent Investigation a must. Peaceful transition is only way,” ElBaradei posted on his Twitter account.

At least 43 people, who support deposed President Mohamed Morsi, were killed during the violence outside the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guard, announced the head of Egypt’s Ambulance Authority, Mohamed Sultan.

At least 300 people were wounded and transferred to hospitals thus far, according to him.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s website said that around 53 people were killed and more than 1000 were injured during an attempt by the army to break their sit-in outside the headquarters where Mohamed Morsi is being held.

Prosecution investigates Republican Guard violence

The Egyptian prosecution started investigations in the violence that erupted outside the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guard, which left around 35 people who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and one army officer killed.

Demonstrators supporting former president Mohamed Mursi marched to Nahda Square in front of Cairo University on Sunday evening to demand Mohamed Morsi’s return to power, the Middle East News Agency reported.

The pro-legitimacy masses chanted “Leave, Sisi … Mohamed Morsi is my president” and said they will stage a sit-in in the square until their demands are met.

Thousands marched from the nearby Faculty of Applied Arts to the square and chanted “Mursi… Mursi” as they carried their shrouds.

A march grouping thousands of women also joined the mass demonstration.

In Qena, thousands of pro-Mursi Islamists organised a demonstration in Sa’aa Square to back the former president’s legitimacy.

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