Mohamed Morsi Meets with EU’s Catherine Ashton in Egypt

Mohamed Morsi Meets with EU’s Catherine Ashton in Egypt

Unidentified assailants killed a conscript on Tuesday after they opened fire on a number of security personnel in a district of Sinai’s Arish city, military sources said. (see Mohamed Morsi Loyalists Prepare to March on Embassies)

Mohamed Morsi Meets with EU's Catherine Ashton in Egypt

Conscript Mahmoud al-Sayed Ahmed was shot in the back while on duty in Salam district in Arish, army sources stated.

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Army forces chased the gunmen, yet they managed to escape.

The number of people killed in militant attacks in Sinai since former president Mohamed Morsi was deposed is 30, ten of whom are civilians while the rest are soldiers, said Tarek Khater, the health ministry’s undersecretary in Sinai.

Khater added that 151 were injured in these attacks, 102 of whom are soldiers.

Since Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, gunmen in Sinai have intensified their attacks on military and police targets.

Ashton’s visit regarding deposed President Mohamed Morsi changes nothing – Brotherhood’s Beltagi

Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Mohamed al-Beltagi said on Tuesday that the visit of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to Egypt did not change anything in the current situation, even after her talks with deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

“The situation after Ashton’s visit is just the same as before it, if Ashton has met with the president from a humanitarian standpoint, an ethical one would impose not that she visits him; but that his kidnapping ends and that he meets with his family and lawyer,” Beltagi said in an interview with Aswat Masriya.

Beltagi added, “Ashton could not address the popular revolutionary situation in Egypt, thus she chose to meet with the country’s true representative of legitimacy; the president.”

He criticized the European official saying, “All she mentioned after a two-hour long [in-depth] meeting with Mohamed Morsi was that he had access to the newspapers and watched television.”

In an earlier press conference today, Ashton announced that she held talks with Mohamed Morsi, saying she was not going to represent his views but that she discussed her efforts to resolve the situation and that she listened to him.

The top EU diplomatic figure did not reveal the details of her efforts but Beltagi denied that any political discussions with the authorities are currently taking place.

“The only message with got from the coup-planners and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Top Army Commander) is murder, terror, kidnap and framing of lawsuits,” Beltagi concluded.

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