Mohamed Morsi Supporters, Opponents Clash in Alexandria, Egypt

Mohamed Morsi Supporters, Opponents Clash in Alexandria, Egypt

Nineteen people were injured on Friday in clashes that erupted in Tanta and Mahalla cities, between supporters and opponents of Mohamed Morsi, the health ministry’s undersecretary in Gharbiya Mohamed Sharshar said.

Mohamed Morsi Supporters, Opponents Clash in Alexandria, Egypt

Clashes between opponents and supporters of former president Mohamed Morsi in Mahalla left 13 injured. Six of them suffered injuries from shotgun pellets, Sharshar stated.

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In Tanta, six people were injured, three of whom sustained injuries from shotgun pellets, he added.

The injured was taken to hospitals for treatment, the undersecretary said.

 Clashes toll in Alexandria rises to five dead, 128 injured in fighting between Mohamed Morsi supporters, opponents

Clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed president Mohamed Morsi at Alexandria’s al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque left five dead and 128 injured on Friday, Ibrahim al-Roubi, an Alexandria emergency unit head, said.

Four people were shot dead while the fifth was stabbed with a sharp object in his stomach, he stated.

Roubi said that 55 of the injured were taken to Ras al-Tin General Hospital while 76 others were transferred to General Amiri Hospital.

One person was taken to Radwan Private Hospital while dozens were treated on the spot inside ambulances.

Four people in possession of arms were arrested, Alexandria’s head of security said.

Clashes were renewed between Mohamed Morsi supporters and opponents as army and police forces attempted to disperse the demonstrators with teargas.

The supporters and opponents of Mohamed Morsi exchanged stones and shotgun pellets. The fighting spread to several side streets, causing damage to several shops on Safeya Zaghloul Street.

The Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in Alexandria accused thugs and police forces of assaulting a pro-Mohamed Morsi march earlier today.

Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria: We will not back down from supporting Mohamed Morsi

A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman said that two Brotherhood members were killed and around 300 others were injured during what he said was an attack by thugs and police forces on pro- Mohamed Morsi demonstrators at al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque in Alexandria on Friday.

Supporters of legitimacy (the deposed President, Mohamed Morsi) will not back down and will not be intimidated by thuggery until legitimacy is restored once more, Brotherhood spokesman Anas al-Qadi said.

A medical source said earlier that four people were killed in clashes that erupted in Alexandria today between supporters and opponents of former president Mohamed Morsi.

This assault is a clear example of what the defense minister wants the people to mandate him to do, Qadi said in a statement.

The people will never allow this, Qadi added.

A group of thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators at the mosque but they could not break up the demonstration so armored central security forces vehicles stormed the masses and fired shots and teargas canisters, he stated.

Army helicopters shower Mohamed Morsi demonstrators at Rabaa with flags

Armed forces helicopters flew over Rabaa al-Adaweya Square on Friday and showered pro- Mohamed Morsi demonstrators with Egyptian flags, the Middle East News Agency reported.

Rallying in support of former president Mohamed Morsi, the demonstrators chanted slogans against the armed forces and demanded Mursi’s return as the helicopters flew over the square.

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