Massive Price Volatility As CZ Follows Then Unfollows Changpeng Zhaoge On Twitter

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On 15th July 2022, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the world’s largest centralized exchange Binance, followed the twitter account of the $ZHAO token, a new and rapidly growing token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Changpeng Zhaoge

Binance CEO Follows ZHAO Token

CZ’s first interaction with the token was some minutes earlier, praising the tattoo a community member got of the coin’s mascot and the BNB logo on his arm, before deleting it a few moments later.

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Changpeng Zhaoge

Just an hour later, CZ responded to a Binance community member agreeing to follow the @ChangpumpZhaoge on Twitter, although he expressed his skepticism at following a new account. The interest caused by this caused the marketcap to triple in around half an hour, before he came out saying that he did not endorse coins without utility and that carry people's names. Huge volatility followed, with the coin dropping from $2.8m marketcap to a low of $400k in the space of an hour.

Changpeng Zhaoge

Changpump Zhaoge (ticker: $ZHAO), is a new Binance Smart Chain token that aims to make BSC onboarding more accessible and easy for all through easy how-to documents and eventually a web3 platform that rewards users for content that helps others understand how to use the network.

The team is comprised of BSC veterans with the core team made up of former DogeBonk Community members, all of whom are taking aim at Dogelonmars, another token inspired by famous billionaire Elon Musk, as the first market cap goal to flip. “Dogelonmars may have comics and the methuselah foundation, but $ZHAO is aiming much higher, to help bring #BNB and Binance Smart Chain to the world” said one anonymous community member.

The team has just released their v1 white paper and is planning their listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap in the coming days.

“Dogelonmars may have comics and the methuselah foundation, but $ZHAO is aiming much higher, to help bring BNB and Binance Smart Chain to the world”

Anonymous community member.

As with the Dogebonk project, community is everything for the $ZHAO token, and members have already taken it upon themselves to help push the project to new heights. Billboards have already been purchased on Broadway and outside of the SpaceX factory in Hawthorne, California, playfully thumbing their nose at the namesake of their chosen target.

Today the $ZHAO team released V1 of their Whitepaper, outlining their plans for the future of the token, and explaining the value of the service they hope to provide.