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Manufacturing companies are some of the biggest in the world and cover a number of industries including automotive, technology, healthcare and consumer goods. With such a high demand for products globally, massive companies – such as Apple, P&G and General Motors – have thousands of employees under their belts to ensure they churn out enough products to reach their customers.

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Vero Solutions have examined the most successful manufacturing companies in the world by looking at their number of employees compared to their most recent revenue declaration to work out how much each employee makes in revenue. So, which global manufacturing giant has the most valuable employees?

Top 10 manufacturing companies with the highest revenue per employee:

  1. Cardinal Health. Revenue per employee: $2,544,600
  2. Hitachi. Revenue per employee: $2,408,015
  3. Samsung. Revenue per employee: $1,866,952
  4. HP. Revenue per employee: $992,857
  5. BMW. Revenue per employee: $835,090
  6. Ford. Revenue per employee: £755,223
  7. General Motors. Revenue per employee: $739,466
  8. P&G. Revenue per employee: $686,631
  9. Toyota. Revenue per employee: $685,700
  10. Nissan. Revenue per employee: $664,371

The interactive piece highlights how Cardinal Health has the most valued employees in the manufacturing sector. Ranked 15th on the Fortune 500 company list, this global healthcare service and products company has employees whose value is pretty unbelievable; each individual generates $2,544,600 worth of the company’s revenue. Cardinal Health achieves all of this with just 50,000 employees.

Japanese company Hitachi are a close second behind Cardinal Health. With a workforce of just 35,631, Hitachi employees are extremely valuable with each individual worth an impressive $2,408,015.

Automotive Giants

In the EU, there are a whopping 12.6 million people employed in the automotive sector. Within this figure, there a 3.3 million high-skilled jobs in automotive manufacturing, which represents an impressive 10.9% of the EU’s manufacturing employment

But which automotive giant takes the crown for being the company with the highest revenue per employee?

BMW Group takes the lead with each individual employee worth $835,090. BMW has a total of 124,729 employees worldwide, who are the workforce that drove the company to sell 305,685 vehicles in 2017 and reach over 140 countries.

Interestingly, just like Cardinal Health, BMW Group holds a low amount of employees compared to other manufacturing giants, and in fact, has the smallest workforce out of all the automotive companies analysed in this piece. The likes of Volkswagen has over five times the number of employees compared to their German competitor, at 626,715, yet their revenue per each individual comes in at $367,535, nearly $500,000 less than BMW. Other automotive companies are similar, like Toyota who has a workforce of 364,445 yet revenue per employee is $685,700.

Apple versus Android

The ongoing battle between Apple and Android surfaces in this piece also. But, what may come as a surprise is that Android is a clear winner in these stakes. Samsung has less than 95,000 employees (93,200) with each one of them worth an astonishing $1,866,952 when compared to Samsung’s overall revenue - could you imagine being that valuable? The same cannot be said for technology giant Apple. Apple has the most employees in the piece at 2,000,000, which dramatically affects their revenue per employee figure; each employee is worth just $108,740.

Employees are the workings behind a successful company, but do the businesses with the smaller workforces actually hold the most valuable ones too? In the manufacturing industry, it seems to be the case. How much is each employee worth at your company?

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