Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet: Australia Finds Credible Leads

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As search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 enters 13th day, Australian authorities have found a credible lead with the help of satellite. On Thursday, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott told his Malaysian counterpart Dato’ Seri Majib Razak that his team has noticed two floating objects in the southern Indian ocean that could be debris of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner. The plane had disappeared, with 239 passengers and crew members aboard, on March 8.

It’s the best lead on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

Two objects were spotted around 1,550 miles southwest of Perth in the Indian ocean. Officials said that it’s the best lead they have at this stage of investigation. Australia said one merchant ship and four aircraft are heading to location. A US Navy P-8 Poseidon is also involved in the search, reports ABC News. Abbott said the objects are much bigger in size. One of them has a dimension of 24 meter (78 feet), but the other one is relatively smaller (15 feet).

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority general manager John Young said in a press conference that the findings are credible enough to divert resources to the region. Despite sending aircraft and ship to the area, authorities have stressed caution. They said that the objects may or may not be the debris of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Young said the southern Indian ocean also contained some large debris from merchant vessels. So nothing can be said until the investigation team reaches there.

Australian navy sends ship to recover debris, if they are from the missing jet

An Australian Air Force jet is going to drop marker buoys near the objects. That will help searchers keep track of the objects as water currents move them. The area where objects were seen is about four hours’ of flying time. A Royal Australian Navy ship is also heading to the location, but it will take a few days. Maritime authorities said the ship is well-equipped to recover the objects proven to be from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Relatives of the missing passengers in China have reacted strongly to the latest development, expressing their anger at Malaysian government.

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