LulzSec Returns And Hacks CSS Corp

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LulzSec Returns And Hacks CSS Corp

Lulzsec, the hacking group, has returned in the last 24 hours carrying out two separate attacks. The first was aimed at a dating site for singles in the military and the second was carried out against an internet communications and technology firm. The military singles website, creatively called, was hacked by the group yesterday and resulted in the release of log in credentials for over 170,000 accounts on the site crippling security for the site’s users. The newest attack against CSS Corp caused the release of log in details for the email accounts of the company’s staff. Both data releases were made on paste bin.

The new attacks come after a lull in hacking attempts after last years splurge of security crippling attempts by online groups. The apparent destruction of Lulzsec and its resurgence has shown once again the difficulties involved in policing hacking on the internet. The multifaceted nature of the groups has displayed that the multifaceted and multiheaded nature of such groups. The hydra imagery used is an appropriate description. Although the personnel involved in the new attacks are probably different the aims are the same and the level of skill involved does not seem to have diminished.

The group was thought dead after the purported leader, named Sabu, was outed as an informant for the FBI following the arrest of several apparent of its leaders. The group was responsible for several attacks last year when it went on a fifty day hacking spree crippling the security of firms like Sony and government groups such as the high profile attack on the CIA last year. After its fifty day rampage the group announced that it was disbanding in a move that surprised many. Members of the group joined the AntiSec efforts which target security firms and governmental regulating authorities. Earlier this year an international operation resulted in the arrest of the group’s alleged members after the group’s leader Sabu was confirmed to have been supplying information to the FBI in support of the arrests.

There is an increased skepticism among users of web services as security problems mount. The challenges come not only from hacking groups as problems for users mount from legitimate web services such as Facebook and Google. The hacking attempts show the huge obstacles that need to be overcome as more and more users upload their data to the web.

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