Lecture #1: An Introduction to Value Investing

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I came upon these great notes.  I will be posting notes over the next few weeks from all the lectures. I assume they are okay to post, but if I am asked to move them, I will obviously comply right away.

This 36 page document can be found here:

Class Notes #1 Introduction to Value Investing//

Within that document you will find links to particular investment examples.

The lecture introduces you to the quandary of investing.  If there are so many smart people like CFAs, MBAs and experienced professionals, why don’t more people do better?  There are several examples of wide swings in stock prices. Why can’t people buy low and sell high?

Whenever an investor buys or sells he or she must realize that there is someone on the other side of the trade. What edge do you have in this investment?  The primary reason many investors can’t do well is because they can’t place their investments into context.  This first lecture is one of several which will attempt to teach you to understand investing and context.

The lecture then covers various valuation methods.

Finally there are articles on the social utility of investing and the efficiency of the markets.

There will be videos posted of some of these lectures.

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