Collection of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google+ Notifications Box

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When it comes to social media, most of us can’t without it. Some are addicted to Facebook, some to Twitter and some to Google+. If you happen to use Google+ a lot, then here are some keyboard shortcuts which you can use with the Google+ notifications box. So instead of using your mouse for every task, you can try giving your keyboard a go. They’re easy to remember and as always, lets you do things fast compared to a mouse.

There are already some keyboard shortcuts available for navigating on the Google+ stream, but let’s take a look at some new keyboard shortcuts limited only to the notifications box of Google+. Note that they won’t work outside of the notification box.

Google+ notification box keyboard shortcuts

Up/down arrow keys: Scroll through notifications from the list. Notice the blue line, which shows the currently selected notification.

Enter (Return for Mac): Open the notification you’ve selected. You can also use o.

Scroll down by pressing the down arrow key and then press Enter: Opens the list of previously read notifications.

Right/left arrow keys: Lets you go to the next/previous notification. You can also use j/k.

U – Return to the list of notifications or to the main screen.

D – Mark the currently selected notification as read.

Esc: Close the entire notifications box.

While these keys work great, there’s no shortcut to open the notification box from the keyboard. For that, you’ll have to use your mouse.

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