Joe Kernen Users Twitter To Attack CNBC Viewers

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Joe Kernen, co-host of CNBC’s Squawk Box uses his Twitter account quite infrequently for an anchor of a news broadcast, but when he does, he does it with less class and intelligence than you would imagine given his public profile. Of the 525 total Tweets Joe Kernen has sent since signing up for Twitter, a whopping 28 percent (150) have revolved around his staunch belief that there is no such thing as climate change.

The remaining 375 Tweets have focused on his belief that the earth is flat, homosexuality causes night blindness, and that the sun clearly revolves around the earth. I jest, of course, regarding these 375 tweets, but his disdain for concerned viewers, environmentalists, and science borders on the maniacal on occasion.

Joe Kernen Users Twitter To Attack CNBC Viewers

CNBC refused to air Obama’s climate change speech

While one man’s beliefs, no matter how seemingly mad, are reasonably easy to dismiss rather than indicting an entire network, it’s tough to let it go at that given that CNBC’s record is a little more tarnished on the topic of climate change. Recently, CNBC flat-out refused to air President Obama’s climate change speech a couple weeks ago. While editorial decisions are things we see from both ends of the political spectrum, for example Fox News and The New York Times, on a regular basis, it’s inconceivable that CNBC would go this route while still considering themselves a source of financial news.

No matter what your personal or editorial opinion my be, when the leader of the world’s largest economy addresses climate issues, markets are going to move. When markets move that constitutes financial news, and that is the domain of CNBC, at least in theory. Peabody Energy shares dropped 3.2 percent to $14.54 a share, while Walter Energy finished the day down 11.6 percent at $10.03 on June 25, following Mr. Obama’s slamming of coal. This occurred on a day when markets were largely trending upwards following a slump. It’s just irresponsible journalism.

You’d likely agree if you thought you were watching financial news in an airport before boarding a flight, only to see your portfolio get battered upon your arrival in another city. Financial news channels have a duty to viewers of their programing no matter how much they may choose to disagree with specifics.

Joe Kernen on Twitter

Joe Kernen’s Twitter activity has gone so far as to refer to those who are concerned about climate change as “sheep” and the “eco-Taliban,” while repeating debunked science as if it were fact.

Joe Kernen’s blathering has also extended to arenas where he’s not limited to 140 characters.

On July 8, Joe Kernen even let his frustrations be known during an interview with Shell Oil’s former USA CEO, John Hofmeister when he said, “You haven’t read my Twitter feed, I’ll tell you that much […] there’s a lot of things happening the enviro-socialists are-man, it is a cult. It is a bona fide cult.”

CNBC needs to reign this man in if they don’t wish to continue their descent towards irrelevant when it comes to financial news.

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