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iPhone 9 Entry-Level Features Could Migrate From iPhone X In 2018

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A new report suggests that several iPhone 9 features will be borrowed from the iPhone X, and included in more affordable versions of the smartphone. The iPhone X has proved prohibitively expensive for some consumers, with the mobile selling at a hefty $999. But Apple will migrate some of the attractive aspects of this top of the range smartphone to entry-level versions of the iPhone 9, according to the latest leaked information.

Credible report

And the source of this report lends the notion of iPhone 9 features emanating from the iPhone X more credibility. China’s Economic Daily indicates that Apple is already tinkering with the idea of including some of the most notable iPhone X features within its cheaper handsets in 2018. And according to the publication, the consumer electronics giant has already crafted codenames for the two devices, namely Lisbon and Hangzhou.

It seems that these two handsets will be particularly intended to improve the already decent market share of Apple in China, which is considered critical to Apple strategy going forward. China is the world’s most populous nation, and now has the largest economy on the planet as well. With a massive potential for growth in the nation, it is clear that the East Asian country will become an increasing economic powerhouse in the coming years.

Indeed, many analysts believe that Apple will become largely reliant on China for growth, as the smartphone market stagnates in Western nations.

In addition to the report on iPhone 9 features, a separate note published by Japan’s MacOtakara suggests that the lower-end model will be 10,000 Yen cheaper than the existing iPhone X. while this cannot be considered a vast discount, it could still make the smartphone more affordable for Chinese consumers. Whether this device would then appear in Western markets remains to be seen.

Reports suggest that among the iPhone 9 features migrating from the iPhone X will be the OLED display that dominated the Apple release this year. Other reports have previously suggested that all Apple handsets in 2018 will move away from the LCD technology that has served the series so well in the past, and instead switch to OLED. This technology also features in the Apple Watch smartwatch.

It is also believed that Face ID will migrate to the iPhone 9, with this security system replacing the Touch ID fingerprint scanner as the primary form of user authentication. While Apple has signalled its intention to continue to support Touch ID for the foreseeable future, it has also stated that Face ID will be the future of the iPhone range.

TrueDepth Camera

Another of the iPhone 9 features that will migrate from the iPhone X is the TrueDepth Camera that has been critically acclaimed and proved popular with users. This suggests that even the bargain basement iPhone 9 devices will benefit from outstanding photographic capabilities, which is all important considering the significance of smartphone photography in the contemporary market.

Larger screen

It is also suggested that Apple is working on a larger six-inch display for the iPhone 9 generation. Of all iPhone 9 features this is likely to garner the biggest headlines, as Apple has never included a six-inch screen in any of its device releases previously.

According to reports published on The Investor website, Japan Displays eill be involved in the larger panel for the 2018 Apple smartphone, with the consumer electronics giant acknowledging “the popularity of larger-screen phones for video viewing”. Certainly Apple has lagged behind the major players in the smartphone marketplace in this area until the release of the iPhone X, but it seems that Apple intends to address this with the iPhone 9 generation.

Battery cell

Another area of criticism for Apple products has been the battery life of mobile releases from the mega-corporation, and Apple seemingly intends to address this with the iPhone 9 as well. With smartphones continuing to become ever more compact, this poses significant challenges for manufacturers, who then need to identify innovative ways in which to install larger batteries in smaller units.

In the existing generation, iPhone batteries are rectangular in design, which leads to a great deal of internal space being taken up. However, reports from close to the Apple supply chain suggest that the battery supplier for the California Corporation, the Korean firm LG, is working on a plan that will occupy an L-shape within the iPhone 9.

Of all iPhone 9 features, this would be among the most popular, as not only would it optimize internal space, but may provide additional battery life as well. Conversely, Apple may instead decide to include more internal components, or superior provisions, within the iPhone 9, improving the performance of the device.


Another iPhone 9 feature of note will be the resolution of the device, with the possibility of Apple including a 4K screen in at least some of the generation’s releases. 4K resolution has been linked with devices from some of the most significant manufacturers in the industry, yet it has yet to appear in either a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone handset as of yet.

But with 4K resolution becoming more mainstream in nature, big players in the industry are set to embrace this resolution in the coming months. This means that we can see an iPhone 9 with 4K resolution in 2018, while both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 could also feature this technology.

Price and release date

While iPhone 9 features are undoubtedly of critical importance, the pricing of the device will also be central to its success or otherwise. It seems unfeasible that Apple will increase the price of the iPhone 9, considering that the iPhone X was slanted at the psychologically significant $999 mark.

Well it is too early for Apple to have given any remote indication regarding the release date of the device, there is no reason to believe that it will appear in any month other than September or October.

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