iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4 And The Story of Leaked Retail Boxes

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With anticipation hotting up regarding the two big mobile releases in the remainder of 2014, a new series of photographs have emerged which give fans of both Apple and Samsung a sneak peak of what the forthcoming iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 may look like.

iPhone 6 box leak

Firstly, a series of photographs of supposed iPhone 6 boxes have surfaced. This is not the first time that leaked images of a possible iPhone 6 box have been released; last week there were similar photographs put into the public domain, but these were later determined to be inauthentic.

So is this latest crop of leaked images the real deal? The answer to that question is…maybe. The images have been printed by the popular technology site Tech Radar, which has reported that it received the new photos from an unproven source. However, having looked into the validity of these images, they suggest that there is a distinct possibility that these particular photographs are legitimate.

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Tech Radar claims that the images were sourced from one of Apple’s beta testers. The website has done some checking of the items themselves, as well as a background check on the source, and according to their best efforts believe that there is no reason to suppose that the photograph themselves should be considered fake.

Whether they are real photographs of the iPhone 6 itself is debatable, as the devices shown in the pictures have been noted to be recognisably close to the Chinese clones which have emerged recently. But the images have certainly been enough to get the tongues of Apple fans wagging.

Galaxy Note 4 images emerge

If the iPhone 6 leak wasn’t enough to get the Internet buzzing, then a similar set of images related to the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should certainly do the trick. This forthcoming phablet is the fourth generation of the Note series, which will be officially unveiled on September 3 at IFA in Berlin. But in the meantime people eagerly awaiting the release of this device have been given a sneak preview of what to expect.

iPhone 6, Galaxy Note 4 And The Story of Leaked Retail Boxes

The leaker in question has remained anonymous, but contacted the PhoneArena with the photographs in question. The images show a possible box for the Galaxy Note 4, which differs significantly from previous devices. This alleged new box features a metallic pattern which suggests that the new Galaxy Note 4 could feature new materials that have not been utilised previously.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note 4 which is pictured on this box features a wallpaper with the date September 15. Previous press renders of Samsung devices have shown dates of the announcement related to it, which would lead one to expect the date of September 3 on this particular Galaxy Note 4 leak. This may signal a change of policy, or that the actual release date of the device is to be September 15, or of course on the other hand it could be a complete red herring.

Regardless, the images published by PhoneArena are enough to whet the appetite of people eagerly awaiting this device. Samsung will recognise that this particular iteration of the Galaxy Note will be especially important for them, as Apple is seemingly about to enter the phablet market for the first time with a larger model of the iPhone 6 being released.

The phablet face-off

Thus, the remaining months of 2014 will bear witness to a massive phablet battle between the world’s two biggest producers and sellers of mobile devices. Samsung has already made the brave prognosis that it will overtake Apple as the world’s leading seller of mobile devices in the near future. While Apple is looking to establish and cement new product lines in an attempt to keep its recent encouraging financial performance moving forwards.

Expectations for both of these phablet-sized devices is very high. Already the specifications presumed to be included in the Galaxy Note 4ced portfolio have impressed at both analysts and the mobile buying public. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to feature a 5.7in QHD display, which will be powered by Octa-Core Exynos 5433 or Snapdragon 805 processor, with Samsung expected to arm different models of the device with differing processes. Additionally, the phone is expected to be released with 3GB of RAM, and include a 16MP ISOCELL camera with 4K video recording capability and a UV sensor.

Apple meanwhile is expected to completely overhaul its basic iPhone design in the production of the iPhone 6 phablet. There have been many reports that suggest this 5.5-inch phablet will be constricted from Sapphire Glass, which would be a significant departure from previous iPhones. Concept images and leaks from the company also suggest that this will be the sleekest, slimmest smartphone in the history of the genre.

So there is plenty for mobile fans to look forward to in the remainder of the year, and not long to wait to find out what Apple and Samsung have in store for us.

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