iPhone 6 Retail Box: New Photos Revealed

iPhone 6 Retail Box: New Photos Revealed
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Last week a series of iPhone 6 photos supposedly in a retail box surfaced. However, they were later determined to be fakes. Unlike last time, the phone shown in the box in a series of new photos is face up. Tech Radar, which received the new photos from an unproven source, suggests that there is a possibility that the photos are real, although the website makes clear that we can’t be 100% sure. Of course there are two question involved here: whether the photos are fake or whether the alleged iPhone 6 in the photos is fake.

New iPhone 6 photos said to be taken by beta tester

According to Tech Radar’s sources, one of Apple’s beta testers took the photos. The website checked some of the technical data in the photos, like EXIF data and photo manipulation. After checking those items and running a background check on the source, they don’t think there’s any reason to think the photos themselves are fake, but of course there’s no way to be positive about that.

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They note that the JPEG photos aren’t the best quality and aren’t as clean as they would like. They would like to see the details of the phone a little better. However, there are enough details that show up clearly enough to result in questions about whether the device shown in them is the real iPhone 6.

Is the iPhone 6 in the photos real?

So they do believe that the photos themselves are real. However, they have some questions about the authenticity of the device that is in the photos. For example, the home screen does not show the Health app. Apple unveiled the new app at WWDC this year, and it would make sense that the company would want to make the app front and center on the home screen of the iPhone 6.

And then they note that the device that’s in the photos is very similar to the photos of the Chinese knock-offs we’ve seen. Even the size of the white lines and the photo on the front of the device match those Chinese clones exactly.

So are these photos of the real iPhone 6, it seems unlikely, although the photos themselves may be real rather than faked.

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