iOS 11 Beta 2: When Will Apple Release It?

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Earlier this month at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple took the wraps off iOS 11 and initiated the beta testing phase for the OS. As such, the software was released to all those who are members of the Apple Developer Program, and now, we’ve started to see photos, guides and other new firmware information pop up online. So when will iOS 11 Beta 2 be released for download?

iOS 11 Beta 2 release date?

Why such a lot of fuss over what is still a developer-only OS? It’s going to be one of, if not the most significant update to iOS. There are going to be lots and lots of design tweaks, and other interesting new features, but it seems as though this year, Apple’s focus has been on improving productivity, something which is direly needed.

What is available right now has proven that iOS 11 will be exciting. If you’re a developer or someone who has managed to get your hands on it, it’s buggy, but that is to be expected with the initial release of any software, so that’s why the iOS 11 Beta 2 download is required. The problem is that Apple’s release schedule isn’t always easy to predict, but we can give you some estimates.

When could it be released?

With nothing forthcoming from Apple and no leak of any information to go on, we should look to the dates on which past beta updates released.

So if you look at the timeline of older iOS updates since iOS 6, the time between the first and second betas has been 14 to 15 days. However, there is one exception, and that was with iOS 10. It took 22 days for its second beta to be released.

If we use the 14-day example above, that would have meant that Monday was the date. However, seeing as that date has now passed with no iOS 11 Beta 2 release, it’s obviously going to be later. This apparently longer-than-expected time to release could be put down to the complexity of the new iOS. Apple suggested last year that this was the case for iOS 10, so we can’t imagine why things would be different this time.

As such, we predict that the iOS 11 Beta 2 will arrive on June 26 because this next beta will give those who download it a good example of what a final release may look like. In fact, it’s thought that this version will be significantly less buggy than the previous version.

Final thoughts

Obviously, the above iOS 11 Beta 2 release date is a guess; there’s no way of knowing for sure. However, what you can guarantee is that Apple’s engineers are working hard to produce great features and refinements. As such, we can expect the second beta to bring with it more noticeable improvements that will have developers and others frothing at the mouth.

If you’re one of the lucky people who has had their hands on the first beta, please make sure that you continue to update Apple with bug reports. This is the only way you can ensure a smooth and timely progression towards a publicly-available version of the OS.

In the meantime, we will continue trying to find out when the second beta will arrive and update you when we know.

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