Final Deadline Looms To Claim Immigrant Workers Stimulus Check from New Jersey

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The federal and state governments have sent plenty of monetary aid since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of those programs, however, excluded immigrant workers. Thus, to provide assistance to such workers, New Jersey came up with the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund.

Although the application for this immigrant workers stimulus check from New Jersey is closed, those who have already applied but haven’t yet submitted the required documents can still do so. Such applicants, however, should hurry up as the deadline to submit the documents is only a month away.

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Deadline Looms To Claim Immigrant Workers Stimulus Check From New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy announced the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund in May 2021. The primary objective of creating the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund was to help undocumented immigrants and other workers excluded from the economic aid during the coronavirus pandemic. It is a one-time payment that offers direct cash benefits to eligible households.

Initially, the state's administration set aside $40 million for the fund, but after the deluge of applications in February, the governor transferred $20 million more to the fund, bringing the total to $60 million. Individual applicants can get up to $2,000 from the Excluded New Jerseyans Fund, while families can claim up to $4,000.  

The deadline to apply for the fund was February 28, but applicants had until September 30 to submit the required documents. Now that deadline has been extended to October 31, according to the New Jersey Department of Human Services. Many activists are still calling for the state to further extend the deadline.

It must be noted that this deadline is not for new applications (the fund is no longer accepting new applications), rather it is for those who already submitted the application but did not submit all the required documents.

“PLEASE NOTE that pending documents for your application must be submitted no later than Monday, October 31, 2022,” the program’s website says.

Applications for those who fail to submit required documents by the deadline may become closed.

Excluded New Jerseyans Fund: You Can Ask For Help

About 35,000 households have applied for the immigrant workers stimulus check from New Jersey, notes Make The Road New Jersey, an organization that works for immigrant, working-class and Latinx communities. About half of these applicants, however, are at risk of losing out on the money due to missing documentation.

The administration is sending notices to those who are required to submit documents so as to claim the immigrant workers stimulus check from New Jersey.

“Information about what documents you are missing has been sent to you via e-mail and/or a phone. Please make sure to submit these documents by the deadline so that your application is not closed,” the notice reads.

Those who need assistance in determining what documents are required and how to upload them, can schedule an appointment to get in-person help; or call (609) 588-2001; or email at [email protected].