How To Rotate Live Photos On iPhone, iPad

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The live Photos feature was a new edition to iOS that came along with iOS 9 as an update last September. And allows a user to take a picture of anything that their heart desires, and as a result of this feature have that image become slightly animated, rather than be completely still!

What you see as an end result, is something like an animated Gif, but a lot better in some people’s opinion. Furthermore, that little piece of motion that the software captures often creates some context for a photo which is a good thing.

Rotating Live Photos

Unfortunately for this software, when it comes to managing live photos with Apple’s own photo app it can cause some problems. For example, it is not currently possible to rotate live photos without Apple’s stock photo app converting them back into standard boring images. And as you can imagine, once that has happened all of the life has been sucked from it with the contextual information.

Also, this means that we’re back to taking old fashioned pictures, and if you’ve been using live photos, then that simply is not good enough!

LiveRotate App

Like all good app developers, Hansmeyer decided that she was not happy with the way her live photos were destroyed by the Apple photo app. So, she decided to develop an app of her own, that could correct this wrong! This app is called Live Rotate and enables a user to rotate live photos with ease. As it stands there is a small charge of $0.99 for the app, but hey without out it, you’re stuck with stills!

If you look closely, you will see that Live Rotate has an icon that closely resembles the one that Apple uses to denote live photos. As far as apps go, LiveRotate is a simple one, but it works flawlessly always doing what it was designed to do.

As far as its abilities are concerned, you can rotate an image in 90-degree segments and then save without a problem. LiveRotate really does save your live photos and for that alone I really like it. And at $0.99, this app is well worth the money and could take pride of place among those you consider to be very useful apps.

Furthermore, this is yet another app developed by a third-party, which puts Apple to shame! Seriously this should never have been an issue in the first place.

You can download the LiveRotate from the App Store.

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