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How To Have Unlimited Photo Zooming On iPhone

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Apples stock photo app has had some major improvements forced upon it over the last few years. And among those forced improvements, have been a few interesting new features like the option that allows you to edit your favourite photos and enhance their quality, This for me is one of the stand out updates to the app however, there are a few things I wish I could do with it that Apple has not enabled, such as Photo zooming.

I’ve often wondered why Apple had not given stock photo app users a Photo zooming ability, as I’ve often seen Android users doing it with the stock apps on their handsets. Fortunately thanks to a iDownloadBlog reader Miguel C, photo zooming on an iPhone and iPad is now possible. And I’m going to share with you how to enable it on your iOS device.

How to Enable Photo Zooming

If you follow this easy to read tutorial, you will soon be pinching and photo zooming to your hearts content. And what’s great about this feature is that once enabled, it lets you do it unlimitedly!

1. Head over to the photos app and launch it on your iPhone by taping the icon.
2. Now look for the edit option and tap it, it should be in the top right of the screen.

How To Have Unlimited Photo Zooming On iPhone

3. Next look for the crop tool symbol and select it.

4. Next up, you will need to look for the rotate tool and select it and rotate your chosen image by 90 degrees. (In the test I made, I discovered that there is really no need to use the rotate tool)

5. And that’s it all you have to do now is tap on done in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

Now you can do photo zooming whenever you want on your iPhone or iPad, but be aware that if you switch to a different image the photo zooming functionality will stop. And you will have to set it up again. Personally I’m happy that this iOS bug exists however, I hope that Apple makes this feature official in iOS 10 after all there are many people around the world who have been asking for it for sometime.

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