How This Startup Created A Major Video Marketplace For Publishers And Advertisers

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Video has become an integral part of the media landscape. From social media to TV, it is everywhere. It is not a surprise that we have seen Adtech startups that focus on video gain massive traction. One of these startups is Truvid, a video technology company that enables instant connectivity to a live video ecosystem. Premium publishers use our SAAS platform & technologies to monetize their sites and distribute content to billions around the globe. Advertisers trust Truvid’s platform to access brand-safe, high-quality, and transparent ad inventory.

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A Major Video Marketplace For Publishers And Advertisers

The startup, led by Roee Lichtenfeld, has a variety of partners, including Google, Fandom, Terra, and Verizon Media, among others. Truvid integrates premium technology into its platform. This includes:

  • AI-driven insights and advanced reporting
  • Highly engaging video unit collection
  • Publisher-friendly usability with dedicated support
  • Proprietary player and promo creation toolbox

This lets publishers monetize their content from the first impression as well as deliver valuable content to the right audience. As we know, publishers are always on the hunt to save money and increase revenue; Truvid lets publishers reduce complexity and costs by cutting technology and operations expenses.

In a recent Hackernoon article, TVC reported about the new MaaS model (Marketplace As a Service) and mentioned Truvid as a startup that managed to build a video marketplace "based on an exchange infrastructure that advertisers, publishers, and content creators can all participate and profit from." While there are other video marketplaces out there like Youtube, Truvid is able to provide high value to their enterprise clients, making them certainly a startup that needs to pay attention to.

In an Indiehackers interview, CEO Roee Lichtenfeld talked about the added value of a marketplace for publishers: "The marketplace was built in order to empower Publishers and content creators and their assets. For example, one of the most unique features in the platform that you won't find anywhere else is what we call a "universal tag."

Nowadays, Editors spend crucial time and resources constantly updating content on different pages within their site. Through our universal tag, Editors can seamlessly integrate and manage content on their site through a specific URL. They can actually connect a piece of content with an article URL in the right place inside of the console."

In the same interview, when asked about how techy publishers need to be to join the marketplace, Roee said: "No tech experience needed. Your grandma can work her way around the system. We really wanted to eliminate any tech issues that Publishers might face when onboarding and made the system and technology really easy and simple to use. If someone who is less tech-savvy comes on board, we've got an amazing team on hand to help them get started. Our team monitors all of our partners' activity and is based around the globe to offer assistance at any time."