A History Of The U.S. Dollar And Inflation [INFOGRAPHIC]

A History Of The U.S. Dollar And Inflation [INFOGRAPHIC]

1972: Dollar removed from gold standard

Average costs:
Car: $4,500
Home: $40,000
Gallon of gas: $.36
Visit to the doctors: $25.00
Average nominal salary: $8,424

Today: [price || percentage increase]
Car: $32,495[5] || 722%
Home: $208,000[7] || 520%
Gallon of gas: $3.48[8] || 966%
Visit to the doctors: $220[9] || 880%
Average nominal salary: $49,486[10] || 587%

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Swiss Franc to US Dollar
1930: 5.16
1940: 4.41
1950: 4.37
1960: 4.37
1970: 4.377
1986: 1.67
1995: 1.38
2009: 1.68
Today: 1.03[11]

Note: If a number increases over time, this means the economy is less robust than the US

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Why The US Dollar Is Losing It’s Value?

US Dollar Is Losing It's Value Infographic

Infographic source: Online-Accounting-Schools.org

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