GTA 6: Female Lead, Multi-Map, Teleportation And Other Rumors

GTA 6: Female Lead, Multi-Map, Teleportation And Other Rumors
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There is absolutely no doubt that the GTA series is the most successful video games range in the history of the niche. And the ante seems to increase every single time a new GTA title is released now, as expectations for this legendary series become stratospheric.

GTA 6 – Multi-character environment

Rockstar gave itself significant wriggle room with the fifth GTA title, by introducing multiple characters for the single-player story mode of the game. To be able to control three characters in GTA 5 ensured that the scope of the game was broader than previous releases, and also offered more flexibility for future titles.

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While it is not guaranteed that GTA 6 will follow suit and provide a multiple-character playing environment for the single-player experience, it certainly does seem extremely likely. Not everyone was a massive fan of the technique in the previous game, with some suggesting that it resulted in a watered-down connection with the characters. Having a singular central protagonist is favoured by some people, with critics of the three character system suggesting that you simply do not have time while playing the game to connect with three different people.

However, one particular rumor is intensifying which suggests that Rockstar will indeed stick with the multiple character setup when GTA 6 is released. This murmuring is that the software house will introduce a female character to the GTA universe for the first time in the next generation title, and if this is the case this would seem to seal the concept of multi-character gameplay.

Female protagonist

It would be such a massive departure from the previous GTA titles in the series to have a female protagonist and no male voice at the center of the story. Some feminist critiques of the video games industry would suggest that this would be a revolutionary and welcome approach to GTA 6, but it would be certain to be received as a controversial move by fans of the existing games.

Nonetheless, there have been reports in the media which suggests that Eva Mendes will be enlisted to provide the voice of the female gang member central to the next GTA title. This does seem to be somewhat wide of the mark, though, considering that the voice talent involved in the game would surely be signed up at a very much later date than the present.

Rockstar has yet to confirm any tangible details about the next GTA title, and It looks increasingly optimistic to expect the game as early as 2018. Thus, signing Mendes to provide voice acting in the game well over two years before it will appear on the shelves of video game stores would seem to be a trifle premature.

Mendes is certainly the sort of person who could bring a credibility to a female lead character in GTA 6, and Rockstar will surely be considering this issue carefully. The company has indicated its willingness previously to consider including a female protagonist in the GTA series, and it would be a move that could possibly attract female players as well.

On the other hand, this is a multi-billion-dollar video game, and one that comes with a huge amount of credibility. Although female gang members and gangsters are certainly not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination, the world that GTA typically depicts is one that is male-dominated and masculinist in ethos. It would certainly not be a bad thing to have a female voice at the center of the game, but the character would need to make sense and be extremely convincing in order for GTA aficionados to accept this decision.

Multi-map universe

In addition to rumors regarding the protagonists of the GTA 6 game, it is also suggested that the next generation title from Rockstar will be simply mammoth in scale. Leaks have suggested that the play area will be far larger than anything has been seen previously in the GTA series, with multiple full-scale cities being suggested in some quarters.

But a recent rumor has fleshed out the bones of this particular suggestion, and created what will be a tantalizing prospect for fans of the previous games. It has been reported that Rockstar is considering composing a GTA 6 map from all of the previous maps in the GTA series. This could be part of an attempt to unify the entire GTA universe, with some analysts suggesting that Rockstar could consider doing what Marvel has done with its comic book characters.

The temptation to create a singular game universe would be an intriguing proposition for Rockstar to investigate, but the company must also take into consideration several factors. Voice acting would be a serious consideration, as it would be impossible for Rockstar to reassemble the cast of previous games for future titles.

Additionally, GTA has benefited from the flexibility of reinventing itself; after all, GTA 5 essentially takes place in an updated version of San Andreas from the eponymous GTA title. Unifying the game universe would ensure that the previous cities were given a lasting credence that Rockstar may not favour considering that the software house always intends to blow people away with the next-generation GTA title.

Teleportation mooted

What does seem clear is that the next GTA title will feature an absolutely massive playing area, and it has been suggested that Rockstar will enable players to teleport around the map in order to make navigation faster and more convenient. This could be similar to the existing Need for Speed system, where players are able to instantly move from one event to another.

Rockstar has already initiated systems to ensure that the amount of driving in GTA has been significantly reduced. At the time that the earlier three-dimensional GTA titles were released, Driver had just been a successful PlayStation title, and the idea of roaming around the cityscape in cars was unique and revolutionary. While there is no doubt that vehicles will be kept in the game and this option will remain part of the GTA experience, it is no longer considered anything like as revolutionary, and the ability to move to a new mission quickly could be something that Rockstar will tinker with.

Hopefully we will see GTA 6 sooner rather than later so we can find out what Rockstar has in store. But redundancies at the software house suggest that 2019 could be a realistic release date for the title.

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