GTA 6 Release Date Rumored To Be Delayed Beyond 2018

Following the departure of a key player in the production of past GTA iterations, Leslie Benzies, rumors persist that GTA 6 will be delayed beyond its anticipated launch in 2018.

GTA 6 Release Date Rumored

GTA 6 was never meant to follow GTA 5 in less than four years

Given the success of Rockstar‘s GTA franchise, it’s not at all surprising that rumors of a delayed release are dominating the gaming industries’ rumor mill. GTA 5 broke heaps of records when it was released in 2014 and rushing to a $1 billion in sales in just over a week. That move cemented it into the record books for any entertainment property including eagerly awaited films with widespread global releases. GTA 5 pulled in around $800 million in its first day reaching the $1 billion mark in less than three days.

The over 60 million units shipped make it one of the most successful video game properties in history and its online version continues to make the company the producers a terrific amount of money.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said players continue to be “highly engaged” with GTA Online. While no specific numbers were shared, he revealed that GTA Online–more than two years after release–had its best week ever for both revenue and active players this past holiday.

Given GTA 5’s success to years after its release, Rockstar and Take-Two should be in now hurry to release GTA 6, especially given that the success of the game did come after five years of development. But, the permanent departure of producer and designer Leslie Benzies has GTA fans genuinely worried about its release.

Which will come first GTA 6 or Playstation 5?

Rumors are just that, rumors, but the departure of Benzies does beg questions and many gaming sites are now calling for a release beyond 2018. The sheer size of the game demands it and, let’s face it, GTA 5 players can stay busy with the game for four years.

But, it did take five years between GTA 4 and GTA 5, so why not 2019?

Or even 2020. If Microsoft and Sony follow their past practices the Xbox 2 and Playstation 5 wouldn’t arrive until then as each company generally builds next generation consoles seven years apart.

And Rockstar could be benefited by waiting as there are a number of suggestions online that both console makers will look to bring 4K gaming into the fold with their new products. While there have been a number of vocal critics of Rockstar not releasing new iterations of Grand Theft Auto quicker, I’ve never seen a negative review of the final product.

At the end of the day, anything that Rockstar does with GTA 6 will see it make a ridiculous amount of money and receive rave reviews. While that may seem a bit rash, when have they made a misstep with the franchise. Surely, the departure of one person from a company will not be the straw that breaks the company’s balance sheet with that much money on the line.

Sure it would be lovely to see a 4K version of the franchise upon release to the aforementioned platforms but do you really need 4K video to bash a prostitute in the head with a baseball bat. Assuming that’s your thing. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that while it’s a game playing option I’ve never once felt to kill these hard working women for little to no reason.