Governor Announces $100 Direct Payment from New York

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New Yorkers with a child 17 or younger will soon get a one-time $100 direct payment from New York. Governor Kathy Hochul recently approved the use of $12 million in federal funding to provide a Family Economic Support payment from New York to low-income families with children.

Direct payment from New York: who will get it?

Last week, the governor announced that the state will be using its share of the federal government’s Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund, which is administered by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), to send around $100 direct payment from New York.

“This federal funding further helps households that suffered from the economic toll caused by the pandemic and gives these families a quick infusion of cash to assist with their expenses,” Governor Hochul said in a statement.

New York has already started issuing the payments to eligible households from last week. Households with children aged 17 and under will qualify for the direct payment from New York.

About 120,000 families are expected to qualify for the Family Economic Support payment. Eligible households will receive mail from the state informing them they will receive a payment.

Family Economic Support payment: what made it possible?

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 created the Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund to provide financial assistance to needy families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, New York received $128 million through the Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund. States that used all their initial allocation had the option to receive additional funding from states with unspent funds.

Last year, the state used its Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund to assist low-income families. In February 2022, the state used $19 million to provide households on public assistance or those who received SNAP benefits with $140 for each child three or under to cover the cost of diapers.

Then, in April, the fund offered $730 in food benefits to over 28,000 multi-generational households. It helped about 31,500 adults over 55, providing more than $23 million throughout the state.

Similarly, in May last year, the state offered $250 to about 216,000 families with a child 17 or younger to pay for housing expenses, bills, and other needs. In August, the state used about $44 million to help families with children receiving Public Assistance to cover back-to-school and early life nutritional expenses.

Also, last year, OTDA collaborated with the state Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence to offer financial support of about $127 million to low-income survivors of domestic violence.

“Due to our success in providing assistance from the federal Pandemic Emergency Assistance Fund to some of our most vulnerable residents, New York has qualified for additional funding that went unused by other states,” Governor Hochul said.

Since New York was able to use all its initial allocation, it received $12 million in additional funding, which it is now using to send out the $100 direct payment from New York.